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i need a woman with eyes like rodin, see the body caught within the stone

Well, between dancing on Tuesday and climbing Wednesday, this morning I have bruises on my bruises and a lower back that feels like somebody ran a line of hog-nosed staples from my pelvis to the bottom of my ribcage. Seriously, I have been mean to my meat.

Dog/cat detente is still on the level of demilitarized zones, alas. I hope this improves eventually. He hasn't tried to hurt her, but he's just a little too interested/focused on her, and not backing down when she puffs up and makes teakettle noises. I am nonplussed.

Of course, this means he's back to sleeping in his crate, and the cat is exiled to the upstairs, and everybody's unhappy.

I did just finish the last couple of short scenes I had to write for One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King, otherwise known as Promethean Age #5, and sent it off to the illustrious and overworked agent so that hopefully it can go out and seek a new home soon, as Ace will no longer be publishing the series. (We've known about that part for six, nine months or so, if not longer--I lose track.

Tomorrow and Sunday, I have to write an editorial letter for an Ideomancer submission I hope we'll be able to buy, and answer an email from the French translator of Carnival. Also, go over a stack of interview transcript for accuracy.

The other major project on my coffee table currently (until I get the editorial letters for The Sea thy Mistress and Chill) is the CEM for By the Mountain Bound, which is even now staring at me from across the room.

I want to talk about CEMs.

It's kind of a mysterious process until you've been through it a couple of times, I guess. Essentially, you send in the manuscript, the editor sends you and editorial letter, you make the changes, the book goes back, hopefully is accepted--and the next time you see it it's got all these blue and red pencil marks all over it. And then your job is to go through and yea or nea all the changes. On every single page. Of the four hundred page (or longer) manuscript.

And as this is your last chance to change anything substantive, and find your own egregious errors, it gets pretty fraught.

So that's what MY project is for the next week or so.

Also, I need to tell people like the DMV and my insurance company that I've moved. :-P And tomorrow, mail those last batch of books, as I did get them packaged and the customs forms filled out, once I found everything. Of course, there's also still more unpacking to do.

Also, I need to get "The Horrid Glory of its Wings" squared away by month's end.

I need to be twins.


Thankfully, we have a lot of beer in the house, and a fair supply of chocolate.

Honeydew, 2009:

Revise "The Horrid Glory of its Wings"
Revise Chill
Revise The Sea thy Mistress
Revise One-Eyed Jack and The Suicide King
Write either An Apprentice to Elves or A Reckoning of Men (with truepenny) (or at least get healthily started on it.)
Shadow Unit S3
Write Grail
Revise the blind cave mermaid story
Write "Smile" (Bone Garden) (started)
Write "On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera."
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