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The Giant Ridiculous Dog and the Complaint Department are in the same room at the same time and nobody is behaving badly. Admittedly, the GRD is on a leash and the CD is atop a very tall bookshelf, but it's still progress.


Page 45 of the CEM. Alas, the CE has turned all gothy wolf-boy's telepathic dialogue into boldface, to match the pony's. STET, I say thee. STET!

I will get as much of this done before dinnertime as possible, then order pizza or chinese or something and work on the revision of "The Horrid Glory of Its Wings."

Tomorrow, I must slush and write an edit letter. I am probably going to cheat and do these things during downtime of my AD&D game. Yes, the secrets will out...

And then tomorrow night, probably more CEM.
Tags: giant ridiculous dog, presumptuous cat, with my manuscript or on it
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