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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey vast reluctance

there will be sunshine after rain

129 pages of CEM accomplished. Breaking for dinner before the revision party starts.


Officially, the cutest dog ever.


He is SO cute.
GRD is completely adorable!
::fangirls GRD some more::
Actually, he treasures them and carries them and loves them. *g*

It does badly need a bath, though.
I did sense more of a "darling teddy bear" vibe than a "rip him to shreds!" vibe coming out of your photo. :)

I had a dog who would violently disembowel any stuffed animal. Once, we had a group of people over for dinner, and as we sat talking afterward, the dog started in on his latest, a stuffed shark. One by one, we all fell silent, fascinated and horrified.

*virtual pets*
awwwwww! he is adorable!

gut respoonse *g* he was adorable last weekend, and he's adorable today. hooray for dogs! in the meanwhile, all my love to The Maebh. I bet she wants some Tender Loving Worship about now, with all the dog ruckus.
Awwwwww. :)
I can't tell you how much of a sucker I am for big dogs who cherish stuffed toys. I think they are the cutest things ever.

I've never had one of those dogs, mind, but I am ever hopeful that someday I will :) (Meanwhile, Blue destroys all his toys, including nylabones, which is, in itself, an accomplishment)
Wow. That is kind of an accomplishment.

I don't think his jaws are as strong as the Rotties. But he is much more dedicated.
That really reminds me of this--

Cute. But if I were a guy I might be worried about his rescue instincts when it came to dragging my broken body off a mountain :D
That dog is extremely cute.
My mother's younger cat does the same thing to his teddy bear. Though, while Giant Ridiculous Dog is Giant, said cat is only 'large (for a cat)'. Thus, when the teddy bear is still about the same size, it looks sillier when he carries it around in his mouth.

It does not decrease from the general adorableness of animals carrying teddies in their mouths.
He's far more adorable than that cat you insist on hanging around with. Really, there is just no accounting for some people's taste!
Aww, dog.
Crazy Cute!
Awwwwwww...such a lovable looking dog!

*dies from teh cuteness*
It tickles me that he has a hairstyle.

Is the PC engaged in competitive cuteness or is she above such things?
Queens are not *cute*.
ponytail, toy, and toes! Excellent.