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bear by san

March 2017



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writing new amsterdam

back in London they'll take you to heart after a little while

Bill Schafer emailed today to let me know that the trade hardcover edition of Seven for a Secret is likely to be out of print, soon, as apparently orders are quite strong.

Last time I checked, the trade hardcovers of New Amsterdam were going for $80-$100 a book, so if you'd like a hardcover Seven for a Secret, you might want to place the order soon.


I could have sworn I ordered a copy, but a search of my e-mail turns up no results. I suppose I could e-mail SubPress and ask. More likely I'll just wait and see whether it turns up in a few days or whether I'll be kicking myself.
Email and check. It's worth it. (/unpaid testimonial)
I lOVE that cover.

I'm still confused as to which Bear book overall to read first. I hate reading things out of order =(

*g* Well, you could look at my website and pick a series, or a stand-alone.

Most of them are not related to each other.
what's that web site again?
That is a damned fine cover, who worked on it?
Patrick Arrasmith. Isn't he awesome?
Very much so.

When I first started looking for various works of yours to buy, I noticed that you've had a lot of really great cover art for your books. More so than for many other writers, it seems to me.
Well, thank you! I have exactly nothing to do with it--I just benefit. *g*
So do you have any recommendations about whether to read the hardcover or the chapbook first. I'm about to jump right in since I finally cleared away the 2 thing I *had* to finish reading first.

Doesn't matter either way, as far as I know?
thank you for the reminder.

My limited edition should be in my hot little hands shortly.
Mine came today (finally!).
I got mine, but want to leave it wrapped up.. I ordered one from Amazon, is that the same edition?
Um, I don't know. Which edition did you order?
Another hardcover.. I see it has shipped.. whatever.
There's only the hardcover and the spendy special edition hardcover.
Well, then i will keep the special edition in the vault and read the plebian hardcover.. Yay, i'm a (very specialized) collector
Mine arrived the day afore yesterday, and dang... Woman, you can write! (Not that we didn't know this anyway, but...) Brava for more brilliant words! :)
Thank you very much. *g*