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bear by san

March 2017



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cat and mouse

if i perish on these rocks my love no more i'll see

Has yet // the hairy horror
Who stalks // the shadowed salon
Hastened heart-rent // from my household?

Monkey: ...very nice skaldic form, O Cat. Where did you pick that up?

Perfidous monkey // scatters many manuscripts
Leaf-lying // on the loveseat.

Monkey: I see. You've been going over my corrections then?

All the day long // document dozing
Downstairs the dog // lean and deadly
Office exile // existence I endure

Monkey: You're downstairs now. That's very brave of you.

Not yet devoured // though dog defiant
Stalks still // and stares
Frets, flehmens  // and follows.
Fearless feline // faultless creeps
War-chants sings // wary walks
Into the lair // of the light-limbed darkness.

...and you can't deny, it looks like Grendel.

Monkey: I'm pretty sure the arms are smaller. But I admit, if something ten times my size was looking at me that way, I'd also be considering the fact that I am made of meat. You get extra pets for coming out. Just be smart and don't get cornered: I'm not sure I trust him yet.

Crafty canine // careless dwells
Inside Other Monkey's // isolated inhabitation.
Feisty feline // freak-show braving
Ventures valiant // ventrally--ooo! Dogfood! Yay!

crunch crunch crunch

Satin cat-feet // softly sneak
Into broad-barred // bed of canine
Creeping onward //  kibble craving.

Cat: Your alliteration sucks.


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brava, brava!
(hows the dog working out?)
I think this is pretty much the best pet narrative you've ever published.
I agree.
~dies laughing~
So. Awesome.
*applauds, laughing.*

what they said.

also, points for making me look up "flehmens". thanks, didn't know I needed that word but I did.
Thank you!

Meanwhile, I just came upstairs to put on my pjs and found the dog camped out across my bed...

I'm not even sure who's pwning who around here anymore, but I'm sure I'm on the bottom of the pecking order.
The dog is a sweetheart, don't believe the cat's propaganda!
The cat is unlikely to kill and eat the dog, methinks. *g* The other, we're not yet sure of.
*dies laughing*
*g* I live to serve.
My cat can really appreciate the situation, if not the verse form (she's only gotten up to haiku as yet).
That was some yummy language; I had to read it aloud simply to cleanse my head and ears of the nasty drab technical goop that's been there all day. :) Cat is brave!

Thank you. I needed something to make me laugh like that, tonight.
That was wonderful. Thank you.

Did I not already own a giant stack of your books, I would run out and buy one on the strength of this post.
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