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bear by san

March 2017



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almost brave almost pregnant almost in love

Annoyance: had a good, if short, climbing night--I got a new 5.8+ on the 45-foot wall (which is !tall!) and came down to find somebody had stolen my camera out of my gear bag.

So alas, you will be without cute dog and cat photos for a while, because I can't afford to replace it until Tor pays me.

I'm actually more annoyed about the loss of the photos than the camera, because the camera is just stuff, but I had plans for one of the photos.


At least dinner was awfully good. Best Roomie Evar brought home nine-grain bread, and I made stroganoff, and we were good and hungry after climbing, so it went where stroganoff belongs.

And the cat is wandering around the house again for the first time in a week and a half, and the dog is still fascinated but far more willing to be called off her.


Crap. I'm so sorry. :(

It was a Canon Powershot SD1100IS (brown) and a 4 gig memory card. Not a major loss (it's just stuff, after all), but a hundred and eighty bucks I don't have to spend right now.

And I'm very sad about the photos. My nonattachment is less well developed in the face of losing the opportunity to make fun for other people than it is in the face of losing stuff.

I may be able to repeat them using Alisa's camera, but I'm not getting the instant gratification fun I was hoping for tonight.

Yes, I am eight, sometimes. Eight, and sadly disappointed. But I'll get over it, and eventually I will replace the device--or just borrow the roomie's, and replace the photos.
Man, I am so sorry. When my camera was run over, losing the pictures was definitely the worst part of it. :(

I wound up replacing my camera by getting a refurb model on eBay. Maybe that's a possibility for you?
The very first nice camera I owned got left on a plane out of Hawaii. The film was what hurt.

If you haven't replaced it by the time Fourth Street rolls around, I've been eyeing to replace my pocket cam and you're welcome to my old one (an older Powershot SD500).
That is very generous. I suspect I will have replaced it by then, though--and it looks like penury is dooming my chances of Fourth Street this year.
Well, Fourth Street or no, the camera offer stands (my time sense is messed up, I somehow thought that was coming Real Soon).

It's a dodgy offer though, since I'm not sure precisely when I'll get a replacement. I'm kind of waiting for a price drop on the model I'm lusting for, and so far it only goes up. Grr.
I'm sorry about the camera. I tend to be paranoid about mine, just because I don't like a lot of other cameras (mine has a viewfinder which I much prefer to holding the dang thing at arm's length).

Sigh. Sorry about the picture loss, too. I always think I should take a card reader on trips so I can make backups...speaking of backups, I need to back up several years worth of digital pics on the main computer...sigh.
I'll send you some money as soon as i can
Hey! That's not your job....
Your entry title is from Siren by Tori Amos, and that is awesome.
That is obnoxious. >:| And it's only natural to be disappointed when you expect people to be decent for ten minutes and one of them manages to pull some douchebaggery anyway. I don't think it makes you eight years old. ;)

But this probably makes me eight: May the thief be cursed with an abundance of unpleasant rashes, some of them in areas covered by their swimsuit.
Karma can indeed be a bitch.

*g* Thank you for the laugh.
I'm sorry to hear about your camera! I know what you mean about the contents being more of a loss than the object itself.

Glad to hear that the four-legged inhabitants of the new place are moving towards detente, though.

I lost my previous digital camera by leaving it somewhere (among three possible places I was that day). Went back to all of them, but of course there was no camera.

Just like you, it was the pictures I was really upset about.
I am sorry that someone took your camera. I have had that happen to me before. It is such a violation, some times the pictures we have are very personal and it is such a violation to have that taken from you. I am glad you had a great dinner and good night climbing.
Sorry to hear about the theft - that's infuriating.
Bah. Le suck. Stupid thieves.
Sorry to hear about the camera!
:) I made stroganoff last night too! Although mine was a vegetarian version.
Oh, damn. Having something stolen when you'd left it somewhere where you thought you could trust people really sucks. In my case, it was a pair of knee length black boots stolen from the cloakroom at school. I'd saved for ages for those boots and only got to wear them about three times. :(

I'm sorry to hear that. I've been enjoying the photos of your dog. They're absolutely adorable.
Disclaimer: The comment below is offered in the spirit of sharing a coping method I've found comforting in similar situations for the benefit of anyone it might help, and is not intended as advice-giving (I know how much you hate that).

Several years back, I was dealing with some waste of DNA who put motor oil in our brake system because hubby had the audacity to ask to be paid for work he'd done (this "prank" nearly caused me to sail into an busy on-ramp intersection sans stopping power on my way to work). In the process of processing that event, I stumbled upon a useful (for me, anyway) meditation for dealing with thieves, vandals and such like that has helped me immensely when random crap like this happens.

During my fuming one day, I found myself speculating about how messed up my life would have to be - what damage would have to have been done, how genuinely farked up I would have to be and what messed-up-ness was likely to be the ongoing result of said parameters and choices in my life - before I would consider the behavior exhibited to be a reasonable, rational way of dealing with whatever triggered it.

It was quite a jolt to the system to realize that no amount of insult to me was worse than the prospect of being the kind of person I would have to be, and living the kind of life I would have to live, to have done what they did. Yeah, it sucked that I had to totally replace my entire brake line and had a bad scare (although I was unhurt). But at least when I was done with all of it, I got to move on living my life, and they were still stuck living theirs. Really puts things into perspective.
Oh, crap. I am sorry hon. :(