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"I want to believe that the world is just teeming with awesome people."

Criminal Minds 04x19, "House on Fire," written by Holly Harold, directed by Felix Enriquez Alcalá

The Blob! You know, never see movies about movie theatre disasters in movie theatres. Just saying.
Another evocatively named small town. 

Also, CM rocks the arson episode cold open.

Movie theatre smooching is foreshadowy. And I like the way JJ's haircut is growing out. Hotch is back in his fleecy thing--sleeping in the office again? Reid called in in the middle of the night looks exactly like Reid on the job, except no necktie: everybody else is in shlub clothes.

JJ looking out for the small town perspective. And Garcia uncomfortable with taking the lead.

"We didn't have enough room in the hospital for everyone."

And a nice job both establishing the victims, and then showing the cost of their death.

"There was nothing I could do."

Greenscreen! Drink! Morgan takes Gideon's role, and puts himself in the place of the victims.

"Sometimes, the best way to do that is to forget that it ever happened."

"A pattern of small gasoline fires--"
"There's nothing but crossover."

Nice dynamic with Garcia, JJ, and Reid there.

"I'm not a profiler."
"Well, you're going to have to be."

Uh oh. Sirens bad.

"We got a completely different MO."

"I am all out of witty and banter and I am struggling with love."

Reid's pronunciation of "theatre" is a bit idiosyncratic.
Hospital interviews, still painful.

JJ is pretty happy not to live in a small town anymore. Is it any wonder she keeps secrets almost compulsively?
"What if he grew up in Royal and he moved away?"

Garcia cracks the case! Ponytail headache. D'oh.
Kirsten Vangsness -- also still good at her job.

Wooo, Garcia going after the small-town hypocrisy and Reid backing her up. Reid's defensive curl up when the sheriff says "Nobody was talking about it," is really nice. Continuity of character!

"The truth didn't matter."

And Garcia freaking out that she's broken the rules, and then realizing that she's done the same thing the townsfolk did.
"This is the part I'm actually good at."

And Rossi finds the clue box.

The ending is really reminiscent of "Empty Planet."

And Hotch comes to make amends to Penelope. Mom may be leaking stuffing on his own behalf, but he's there for his team. Go, Mom.

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