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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey vast reluctance

muted screams of an aubergine

The five stages of revision:


I wonder if it's too late to give the money back and go get a job in food service? Because God, I hate this book. I hated it last year when I was revising it, and I hate it even more now that I know my editor hates it, too. :-P

Oh, wait. I hate food service, too.

Oh, the anxiety. Yeah, it's gonna be a fun month. I hope you all like prayers for a quick death.


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Maybe work at a bookstore? From what I remember it does pay, mostly in books, but it does pay.
I hope you all like prayers for a quick death.

"Dear God:

Aim here.

the five stages of revision are oh my god so true.
People are fighting for jobs in food service these days - better stick with what you know.
Didn't you forget suicidal-climb-on-top-of-a-tower-with-high-powered-rifle-rage? What I like about that stage is that it's so generalized. Hate myself and all of humanity.

Soldier on. We haven't used you up yet.
I offer up a prayer for: a sudden inspiration, a slight modification, one tiny new wrinkle which turns it from a chore into a pure joy and a huge success!

Ah, but if you went into food service, I'd have to go into writing to preserve the cosmic balance, and you're a better cook than I am a writer, and neither of us would be happy.
And I still wouldn't have any health insurance.

Really, I think the best solution is for a heretofor unknown rich uncle to will me a ton of money, so I can buy back the rights to this book and go into genteel retirement.
I hear you. I've been working on this book for five years, but I don't have my editorial comments yet. I have no other skills at all, though, so I skip over the food-service musings and go straight to blowing up the galaxy with me and the book in it.

If you figure out how, let me know. I'll help.
Oh, urg. Poor Bear. I hear you.

I heartily second all of jeff2001's wishes for you.
Nope. :) Congratulations you're one of us.
I *hate* the revision process with a purple passion and every atom of my being. Nothing can make me think I'm the worst writer in the universe better than editing/revising.
May I quote your five stages of revision? I have friends that are working on novel revisions...I think they need to know that they are not alone in the universe!

I don't see why not.

Molotov cocktail?
I must be a born editor; I perfer revising to creating, even stuff I can't stand.

That being said, perhaps a break to hug the GRD might help?
My dog says he would happily teach your dog how to eat the offending ms. I have tried to explain that this would probably not make you happy in the long term, but he still thinks the resulting confetti would be cheering.
Just bear in mind:

If you die now, your book gets published as it is now.
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