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coming up from the shipwreck, making as if to stay

Well, I escaped the evils of book hell revising long enough to go climb tonight, and had a really good night. I fell a bunch, and had to rest, but I got a brand-new blue 5.8, overhung, because they took down my orange 5.7 on the same wall. And I also did a bunch of routes I've done before, all of them better this time (including the very overhung 5.7 that has been my bete noir for Some Time Now. I may be getting to be not afraid of it anymore). That was very encouraging.

I also started a 5-something that's not yet rated, but I didn't really give it a good shot. I got on it, though, and I may go back and thrash at it on Wednesday. I also want to work on the balancy green 5.9 in the back room (I've climbed it, but not well), and the black 5.8 with all the slopers in the front room.

I'm actually kind of starting not to suck at this. If I were lighter, I think I'd be a pretty solid 5.9 climber on technique and strength, but because I am a big person, it takes a lot more effort for me to hold myself on the wall and move up than it would if I weighed 140 pounds. My strength is becoming fairly formidable, however, especially when you consider that I'm a chick. I'm even getting to the point where I don't actually hate the physical act of climbing--there are parts where I even feel competent and capable, like my body knows what it's doing and my brain can help.

It never lasts, mind you.

But boy, does this sport do fantastic things for my serotonin levels....
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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