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never make a promise or plan. take a little love where you can.

This morning, a peregrine falcon flew over my head while I was out in the backyard with the dog. She landed in the big pine tree in the neighbor's yard, and while I was angling to get a better look at her, she noticed me and ducked out of sight. She had something small and unfortunate in her talons, but I didn't quite see what it was.

She was not a particularly large peregrine, and may indeed have been a he, as she was just about 3/4th the size of a big crow.

I'm not really surprised to see her here, as there are some thickety patches around that are absolutely crawling with songbirds. Or, as she likes to call them, snacks.

In other fine raptorial news, the falcons are also back on the Traveler's Tower in Hartford, and they have three eggs. (Links on the page to the Hartford Falconcam)

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