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bear by san

March 2017



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ace the wonder dog

god moves on the water like casey jones

Because you asked for it:

Here's what the process of grooming the GRD looks like. Yes, there is a dog in there somewhere.

...I think.

This takes about forty minutes twice a week, or about 90 minutes once a week. We like the first option better, because in three days he doesn't have time to matt. Basically, he gets a spray conditioner brushed through his coat in sections, which are then combed out. Yes, I do have to brush his armpits, between his toes, his butt, and his testicles, all of which are furry. He's particularly dubious about the toes part, as you can tell....

20090403 006

20090403 005


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Where did you find the little wookie and what are you doing to it on your kitchen floor?
*g* I know of at least two Briards and a kennel named "Chewbaccca."

Edited at 2009-04-03 10:50 pm (UTC)
I don't know who's more adorable in that photo, him or you.
Aww. Thank you.

(He's generally a nicer creature...)
It's not a dog, it's a Wookie!
That second picture is awesome, though it is vaguely reminiscent of something the late Jane Goodall might have aspired to.
That is entirely ridiculous.
Yes. Yes, it is. *g* I particularly like the back foot braced against the cabinetry.
I'd say I really appreciate my short-haired dog, but you both look like you're having so much fun inventing dog-grooming yoga poses :)
That really is a ridiculously gigantic dog. Or a giant sloth. From this angle, I can't tell.
The hair grows in the other direction, on a sloth....
I still have problems believing there's a dog under there!
Wow! Until those photos, I really had no idea of the scale of the GRD!

Month Long Lurker...

First time commenting...

I just wanted to say I like your giant ridiculous dog. :D

Re: Month Long Lurker...

Thank you! I'm kind of falling in love with him, myself. I got really lucky.
He is suffering so obviously in those photos....
The torments of the DAMNED. *g*
Nice to meet you!

Actually, he is quite muppety. I'm after my mom to name one Fizzgig.
Huh, it's windy here, making it a perfect time for brushing out the dog, so that's what I just did as well.

Keeping the backyard safe from moose
(Photo (c) Rebecca Ore, who was briefly my roommate)

He's a Norwegian Elkhound, a thick double-coated snow-dog, kind of like a smaller and bark-y-er Alaskan Malamute, and as such, I can generally pull a softball-sized lump of dog off of him in about two minutes of brushing. Gotta do it outside, and it really helps if it's windy - otherwise, it all winds up stuck to either you or him.

He's a happy boy. I don't know how I ever managed to function all of those years that I didn't have a dog.
Dogs make everything better, I swear.
That's a yeti. There's a yeti, tragically thrashing, in your kitchen.

That's so cool!
That second photo is the happiest one I've ever seen of you. GRDs are obviously good for bears.
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