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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu glower flowers

was it the girl or was it the music?

Okay, so--

In the ground:
red leaf lettuce
green oak leaf lettuce
flat leaf parsley
radish (sparkler white tip)
carrot (Danvers half long)
beet (Detroit dark red)
leek (American flag)
pea (dwarf gray sugar)

tomorrow (along the front fence):
morning glory (heavenly blue)
morning glory (grandpa Ott's)
more peas

in seedling trays:
thyme (common English)
tomato (Amish paste)
tomato (Riesentraube)

to plant in 2-3 weeks (memo: pick up a couple more bags of compost):
squash (Burgess buttercup) (along the side fence?)
squash (early summer crookneck) (along the side fence?)
dill (bouquet)
lemon balm (someplace where it can take over--maybe in the bed between the holly and the driveway?)
sweet basil (lettuce leaf)
cosmos (out front because they are pretty)
STILL more peas (along the side fence?)

to plant in May:
those raspberry canes (if they root. hmm. where do I want my bramble, which also gets sun? Because the logical corner is going to be in deep shade under a silver beech come summer.)
eggplant (rosa bianca)
seedlings (tomato, oregano, thyme)
muskmelon ("cantaloupe") (hearts of gold)
nasturtium (empress of India) (along the fence)
sunflower (velvet queen, and if I'm smart I'll put EVEN MORE peas or maybe some beans in along with it to climb the stems, or maybe the:)
cucumber (Boston pickling)
sweet corn (silver queen) (see above, plant something to climb it--maybe more squash?)

ETA 05/13/09: Also, Cherokee purple tomatoes, cilantro, hubbard squash. AND MORE FUCKING PEAS! Nom.


I hope this comes off. We'll eat like queens all summer if it does, and have to take up canning. Fortunately, we have a pantry and a big basement. *g* Also, Best Roomie Ever's parents said they would give us some of their seedlings when they put their garden in...


My God, how big is this garden?! You've got more in than we have. Great stuff, though.
Small patches of stuff. *g* There's only two of us.

When it's done, I think we'll have about fifteen by four feet, and another strip along the fence....
Just remember how much raspberry canes spread from year to year! The garden sounds fantastic.

I am living in a place where I'm lucky lucky lucky to have a backyard at all, and it's completely patio-stoned over, thank you Not Very Helpful Landcorporationlords.

So I am just going to grow my tomatoes and peppers and zucchini in pots. I can't go without them.

Peas are another good idea, though. Hmm.

Watch out re: tall dogs and gardens. My mom's springer spaniel isn't that tall, really, but the sneak gets into the garden and eats the ripest tomatoes. He steals more than the deer do, and we have a deer problem out there.
Purple-hull peans, if they'll take to your latitude. Because they are tasty, and the pods are PURPLE!
I have a lovely purple morning glory, which started out as a volunteer next to my front steps. I have eleventy billion seeds, should you (or anyone reading here) find yourself in need of a nice purple morning glory. (With occasional blue mutant flowers.)

Also, totally jealous of your garden. Do you get deer, squirrels, rabbits, or other assorted beasties that eat your plants? The only things I can grow are herbs because critters won't eat those. But my local farmers' market is excellent for getting the things I can't grow, thankfully.
I envy you your silver queen. Never mind my lack of space--our neighborhood has very active raccoons. Our neighbors plant sweet corn every year, but they have a dog.
No catnip for the Presumptuous One?

I envy your green thumb. And your roomie. ;)
Dwarf Grey Sugar! [Double thumbs up]
I'm lucky that I live in an apartment building that allows a couple of us to have small gardens. One of the things we try to do is companion gardening; eg corn and beans complement each other's needs in the soil; basil planted with tomatoes and green peppers deters 'enemies'.
Can I ask in what climate you live? Because I'm seriously considering a backyard garden (not quite as big as yours) and I live in NYC; I'm trying to figure out logistics.

Also: yummy cubed.
Join gardening, the folks there are great advisors.
The squash will do great along the fence, they can be easily trained to climb. The raspberries can do ok in shade if that's all the space you have left.

I am itching to get out in the garden, but being zone 5, I have to wait. Heck, we got snow last night. *grumbles* All we have in the ground so far is garlic and greens in a cold frame.
Now that's a GARDEN! Cool!
Gardening is such a joy but my favorite thing is plunking myself sdown betweent he fresh peas and strawberries with a glass of tea and a good book. Then I snack my way through a few chapters and down a row. yum!

Out here morning glories are an invasive weed. Is that not a problem there? I go for sweet peas and clematis for climbers instead.
Awesome garden plans. It makes me envious that I'm not doing one this year! There'll be a mixed bed of herbs and flowers, though. It's good for the soul to have edible stuff growing near one's home. :)

Cosmos was the first flower I grew successfully from seed. (Black Thumb O'Death here.) The regular kind are lovely, but one year I also grew one that was a dark burgundy color like red wine. Gorgeous.

They keep telling us not to plant before May 15, which is traditionally teh last hard freeze. Are you sure it's not too soon?
I expect you live somewhere further north, or farther from the water.
Nono, Chicago, south, and lots of water!
That's not real water, man. *g* Real water makes it significantly warmer. *g*

(Real water in this case means "the Atlantic ocean." The middles of continents are colder than the edges. And I'm not sure Chicago is all that much south of Hartford, though I am not looking at a map and could be wrong.)