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was it the girl or was it the music?

Okay, so--

In the ground:
red leaf lettuce
green oak leaf lettuce
flat leaf parsley
radish (sparkler white tip)
carrot (Danvers half long)
beet (Detroit dark red)
leek (American flag)
pea (dwarf gray sugar)

tomorrow (along the front fence):
morning glory (heavenly blue)
morning glory (grandpa Ott's)
more peas

in seedling trays:
thyme (common English)
tomato (Amish paste)
tomato (Riesentraube)

to plant in 2-3 weeks (memo: pick up a couple more bags of compost):
squash (Burgess buttercup) (along the side fence?)
squash (early summer crookneck) (along the side fence?)
dill (bouquet)
lemon balm (someplace where it can take over--maybe in the bed between the holly and the driveway?)
sweet basil (lettuce leaf)
cosmos (out front because they are pretty)
STILL more peas (along the side fence?)

to plant in May:
those raspberry canes (if they root. hmm. where do I want my bramble, which also gets sun? Because the logical corner is going to be in deep shade under a silver beech come summer.)
eggplant (rosa bianca)
seedlings (tomato, oregano, thyme)
muskmelon ("cantaloupe") (hearts of gold)
nasturtium (empress of India) (along the fence)
sunflower (velvet queen, and if I'm smart I'll put EVEN MORE peas or maybe some beans in along with it to climb the stems, or maybe the:)
cucumber (Boston pickling)
sweet corn (silver queen) (see above, plant something to climb it--maybe more squash?)

ETA 05/13/09: Also, Cherokee purple tomatoes, cilantro, hubbard squash. AND MORE FUCKING PEAS! Nom.


I hope this comes off. We'll eat like queens all summer if it does, and have to take up canning. Fortunately, we have a pantry and a big basement. *g* Also, Best Roomie Ever's parents said they would give us some of their seedlings when they put their garden in...
Tags: dreams and bones, grow your own, horticulture (no really: horticulture), suburban peasantry

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