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this portion of the garcia show will be brought to you by the letter i for icky.

Criminal Minds 04x20, "Conflicted," written by Rick Dunkle, directed by Jason Alexander

An aptly named episode, given how I feel about it. It had the fanfic feel that a lot of episodes by writers new to a series can have. The thematic freight was not as layered as I expect of Criminal Minds, and far too carefully spelled out. Stuff that should have been handled by implication and analogy was spelled out in excruciating detail (Reid's backstory: we don't need to be told, guys. We remember. All it takes is a hint. Actually, if anything, I wish the episode had done more with Morgan's backstory--he's got some trigger issues wrapped up in all this, too.)

Also, I think the narrative was crippled by overcleverness, the obvious withholding of information which put the focus on a surprise reveal that really wasn't, and some painfully heavyhanded directorial choices.

However, kudos to the writing team for tackling male rape and doing it more or less in exactly the manner they handle it when the victims are women. And it's always nice to see the Reid and Morgan sibling dynamic at play. The cop of the week was another CM special--older, nonwhite, and female: a trifecta! And Garcia is still the captain of my heart.

And there are some really nice moments sandwiched in there--It was very, very close to being a very good episode, I think, but they played it too broadly and wasted too much energy on the Surprise! which wasn't, so much.

Oh, painful cold open is painful. I don't buy the psychiatrist as such, though I love the actress and I love that she's a bit androgynous. 
The rape scene is really well done, though.
"I'm your boss and you'll be whatever I want you to be."
JJ's blouse looks a porn nurse's uniform.

"He's sending a message."
Reid's back to the uncombed unwashed hair and the terrible gray cardigan. Must have gotten dumped. *vbg*

Reid and JJ talking about drunk college students for the win.
And this is a totally awesome Garcia scene. "Also, there is no way to determine the exact time of 'secretion'." Garcia airquotes! yay!
"We need to check every guest whether they were on the books or not."
"The rest of you, there's your new home."
Hey, Reid shook her hand. Decisively.
And Reid spots the clue.

Green screen. Drink!
There's some nice subtext in Morgan holding a gun on an imagined rape victim. I sort of wish the episode had done more with that.

Reid in his Chucks cracks me up.
"How long before you can close your eyes without it being there?"
"I'm afraid I still don't know."
Reid, you need to get some treatment for that PTSD, man. I hear EMDR is very effective.

"What if it was both?"

That is so a man in a dress. Stew lyrics aside.

"Not surprising, because it's like one of the least reported crimes on the books."
Rossi, yelling at people. It's what he does.

"Doesn't really look like the dominant partner type."

"I really want to help you out, but you're going to have to do a lot better than that."
"I just got off with Garcia." The sound you hear is a thousand fangirls squeeing.

"Did Adam get what he deserved?"

Nice transition from Amanda stubbing out the cigarette the fade into Adam's silhouette.
"Guys like you and me, we're not exactly the fighting type." Oh, I dunno, Spencer. You do pretty well when the chips are down.

Bitchy Reid is bitchy.
And bitchy Hotch is offended by inept cops.

"How is that possible?"
Okay, eye contact thing is totally overplayed.
Adam also suffers Dark Eye Syndrome.
"If Adam isn't our unsub, he has all the makings to become one someday." Sure, and so do Reid, Hotch, and Morgan. *g*

And Reid cracks the case. "He doesn't make eye contact."

Flashbulb memory, drink.
Hotch yelling for medics, Hotch and Prentiss with blood on their hands. Drink! Drink! Drink!

JJ on a raid! And Reid puts his gun away, a la Gideon.
"I can take it." Is that a refrain yet? I think it is.
The mirror shot is nice. And the squinty conversation on the rooftop.
"I don't see that as much of a win." Well, of course not. It's mid-season. Nobody wins.
"I should have." Drink! Nice that he's forthcoming about Tobias. And yes, confirmation that the team knows about Tobias drugging him--not that they could have missed it. Although technically, Tobias drugged him; Charles tortured him. /fangirl nitpick

Could Reid's gun be more phallic in that last shot? 0.0

Sometimes the monsters do win. Especially in mid-season!

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