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cat vs. monkey: birds sing at the dawn

Monkey: How strange, Cat. You are snuggly, and not at all bothersome. I sort of like you like you like this.
Cat: *snuggles*
Cat: *purrs*
Monkey: *dozes*
Cat: *snuggles more*
Monkey: *makes bed mice with hands*
Cat: *plays gently with bed mice*
Monkey: Who are you, and what have you done with my Cat?
Cat: *grabs bed mice with claws out and bites! triumphantly*
Monkey: Ow. Cat, your monkey is fragile and hairless, and easily punctured.
Cat: I was just lulling the bedmice into a sense of security so my vengeance would be the more sweet.
Monkey: O Treacherous Perfidy! Thank god, you're back. I was worried.
Cat: *snuggles*
Cat: *purrs*
Monkey: *blogs*

I'm off to scenic New Jersey today, to speak to the Garden State Horror Writers--assuming I don't get horribly lost circumnavigating New York City, or die in terrible sour-cream doughnut hole accident on the Merritt Parkway.

Mmm. Merritt Parkway gas station sour cream doughnut holes. The prospect makes eight hours of driving seem so much more bearable.

Try to be good in my absence. Unlike the Cat.
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