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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds fate

I can only assume that this woman is somehow related to stillsostrange, and was moved to pet the polar bear tummies.


Ouch, indeed.
As Valentine Michael Smith discovered, the bars are there to protect the animals.
I was thinking 'suicide by polar bear,' myself. I mean those things are 11 friggin feet tall, fer Christssake! In person, they are nothing like cuddly.
I once saw a polar bear at the Bronx Zoo crush and eat a huge frozen turkey tossed into the water at feeding time. One biting crush, and then gone. I wonder what that woman was trying to do.
*boggles* I have no words.
She jumped? Into the polar bear enclosure? On purpose? At FEEDING TIME?

If you watch the video, you notice the bear totally loses interest in her once it becomes apparent she's making a concerted effort to get the hell out of his house, so he can get back to his dinner.

Insight into how polar bears would deal with salesmen at lunchtime...
I am reminded of the Rastas in Guyana in the 1970s who, under the influence of the Holy Herb, decided that it was time to get close to their brothers the lions in the Georgetown Zoo.
This event came across a mailing list I'm on and it was pointed out how different German police treated this versus how US police/courts would have treated it.

German police: "You're dumb and we've issued a citation for being dumb enough to climb into the enclosure. Don't do it again."

US police: "You're charged with felony trespassing."
US lawyer: "It's not your fault. It's the zoo's fault for not having better protection. Let's sue!"
US courts: "We award you a judgment against the zoo for lack of proper protection."
US Zoo: "WTF? Well I guess we're going to have to cut back on new exhibits."
You forgot "we have to shoot the bear."
This is one of the things that, dating a zookeeper, pisses me off.

The human fucks up, the animal gets punished.
*nod* I hate that too. You see it with pets all the time.

I've had personal experiences with people who treat their big dogs like crap, get bitten, then put the dog down because it's "violent". WTF?

You're absolutely right. Unfortunately. :-(
Fortunately, although I fully believe the US is capable of this response, there are also a *lot* of stories about "Human tries something stupid with wildlife" followed by "Human gets slapped with writ when recovers consciousness in hospital." I once read a long list of them* written in the main by someone who grew up with her father working as a ranger in one of the major national wildlife preserves. Human tries to take salmon from Grizzly. Human argues occupancy of hot springs with raccoons. Human tries to get into tree with cougar.

My favorite was the one about the woman who apparently felt that her life would be greatly enriched by riding a bear naked. She climbed a tree, went out on a branch, waited until a bear was underneath and dropped onto it. The bear took off, in an understandable panic. The rangers moved in, but could do little to impede the rampaging bear which was trying to scrape the (still naked) woman off against trees, rocks, anything handy. Woman by this time was in a spasm of terror and kept on hanging on, possibly fearing that worse would happen if she fell off. Rangers tracked with anaesthetic rifles, but really, it's hard to get a good shot with those things; the darts are not like bullets. Eventually, they got a shot off. They did miss the bear, but the woman became nicely relaxed and slid off, so that they could go and get her.

She was served with a writ upon regaining consciousness in the hospital.

* Anyone remember this and still have it? I'd love to read it again.
Wonderful story! :-)

I can't disagree that there are incidents like this it just seems like the US has long taken the former legal route rather than the latter. Perhaps that's a media construction, I don't know.

The US would certainly be a better place following the latter path...
Wow.. just Wow.
And what part of one-ton up-to-14-foot top-level carnivore with no natural enemies did she miss? ::headshake::
"What does an eight thousand pound mako shark with a brain the size of a flat-head V8 engine and no natural predators think about? What does it want?"