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bear by san

March 2017



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Ooo, look. New Shadow Unit content. eee!


"Eeeee" as in surprise and alarm. Yes.
Can't blame Reyes for being obsessed on this one. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!
Happy Birthday!
Take the chance on which? I'm missing a logical connection....
The idea that Reyes couldn't force himself to help is a very interesting one, absolutely: Reyes has a very full plate. And limited resources, as you note.

And it's an awfully complicated situation.

I've been contemplating this a lot lately since seeing that Times article about a drug that can erase memories. How can you ethically or legally try someone for a crime if they no longer have any memory of having committed it, since they have no way to defend themselves against the charges? What if cops came to your door tomorrow with ironclad proof that you killed someone, only you don't remember a single thing about it...could you even get adequate representation in those circumstances?

If you remove not only the memory of the crime itself, but of the circumstances or thoughts that led up to the crime in such a way that the person is now completely innocent (as in babies, if not as in acquitted) of any knowledge of or inclination toward the crime, is that person still technically the same person who committed the crime?

What about the victim? Are they still a victim if they can't remember the crime, or don't even realize a crime took place?

Lot of material in a discovery like this...my brain hurts.
There was an S3 Criminal Minds episode revolving around just that question...
As I said to coffeeem: Ow. Ow. Ow.
We choose to accept this as a compliment.

~g~ It was wholeheartedly intended as one.
I really like what SU is doing with Idlewood* while paradoxically finding SU harder to read.

*The shear range being represented is so much more interesting and plausible than most shows' serial killer of the week.
O dear. Harder to read???