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after all it was a great big world with lots of places to run to

Winamp has decided it's the '80s. Tom Petty, Sheena Easton, and Sting. Not that any of that is a bad thing...

So far this morning, I have managed to get a lot of necessary housekeeping done (cleaned floors, brushed dog, did dishes, started cooking chicken soup out of leftovers* and pureeing the somewhat overripe strawberries with a little lime juice so I can hand my sick roomie a bowl of soup and a strawberry margarita when she walks in the door), and also done some plotting for Shadow Unit. If I were virtuous, I would be working on "Smile," but I think I may still be in post-novel-draft braindeath. And there's no point in pushing that.

*chicken bones from the freezer, the wilting rosemary that needed to be used up, some chopped onions, a carrot, two half-tomatoes, a handful of long-grain brown and wild rice, two cloves of garlic, a bay leaf, a few ounces of leftover shiraz, some fresh oregano, half a red sweet pepper, a long thin green chile, some diced cucumber that was sitting around and I hope the BRE didn't have plans for, sliced fresh ginger, half a package of mushrooms. There is now room in the fridge, and I am pretty sure I qualify as the best wife ever today, without even being in a romantic relationship.

One thing about yesterday's climbing that I wanted to write down somewhere was how I got up onto the 5.7+. It starts off with a big roof about three feet off the ground, which fortunately has really good hands above it--but that means your first foothold is at waist level. So what you have to do is get on the hands, right-foot all the way out, and then switch the left hand to a sort of 45-degree-angle mantel at waist level and use the opposition between right foot and left hand (and a right-handed pull) to lift yourself off your left foot. Then you can raise your left foot way up, and get it on a little ledge off left.

At this point, you are doing a split. I don't do splits. Ahem. But the hands were good enough that I could pull myself up out of it, even though my inner thighs and hip joints may never be the same. 0.o

I am getting better at this. And a hell of a lot stronger. And thank you, yoga, for the flexibility to make that move.

Meanwhile, the GRD has discovered that he can get on the sofa when I'm not already on it. We had a little argument over whether I was going to get any of the sofa, just now, but I won and now he's decided that it's nicer to use me as a pillow than have the whole sofa to himself. Dogs with lots of pack drive are so nice: they want to do what you want to do, and all they ask in return is to get to hang around wherever you happen to be.

Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, giant ridiculous dog, quotidiana

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