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bear by san

March 2017



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hustle mickey trust me

Some of you know I read slush for Ideomancer. (I recommend slush-reading, in fact, as a great education in What Not To Do As A Short Fiction Writer.)

Anyway, Ideomancer is hiring. It's a volunteer position: we don't pay, except in love.

Here's the job listing.


I would love to do it, but I need more exposure to the publication. So I will read the back issues, get the feel of it, so I can volunteer next time there is an opening.

It looks like an interesting experience.

Thank you
Aww man that sounds like a really awesome oppertunity. If I was a junior editor, and had any type of professional comprehension of writing (other than my own personal prefferences - which are far from professional XD) I'd be so all over that job.
Oh, slush reading. I did it the first time around when I was in school for a couple of the lit mags. Such an ego boost!
If there were any way I could fit one more non-paying job into my schedule, I would. I LOVE reading slush -- and the whole editing process.
Alas, I already slush for Clarkesworld. Plus, Neil pays in chocolate chip cookies. So there. :P
I would do this but:

I have no time.
I'm not comfortable enough with the mechanics of writing to do it as a job.
I've never read the magazine.

But it sounds really cool, perhaps I will work on getting the skills to do it. I think reading this and truepenny's blog will help with that.