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"Everyone, say goodbye to Aaron."

So here I am watching old Chicago Hope episodes, sort of reveling in the surreality of Jethro Gibbs, Ted Earley, and Aaron Hotchner as a pack of terrifyingly self-absorbed surgeons.

I'm not sure whether it would be more terrifying to wake up in an ED with these guys, or the cast of House, looking down at you. Either way, stuff of nightmares. Stuff of nightmares, man.

(I had forgotten how much I loved the wacky surreality of this show.)


Well, you know. Rumors are flying.* But no, Adam Arkin's character on Chicago Hope was named Aaron, which just adds to the cognitive dissonance thing. *g*

*As they do this time of year. I too hope your wiggins is baseless. But CBS seems to have lost its nut, so--

PS: In your copious spare time, may I recommend the TV show "Life"? Which may be being canceled as we speak, but is awfully good fun.

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Thank you for the heart attack.

... That said, I really hope CBS doesn't fire more people. On the bright side, Thomas Gibson did write a reassuring note on cmfanatics.
When Aaron went through the brain stuff and everyone was singing? Priceless.

Though, truth be told, I always got stoopidly giddy when Mandy sang on the show...
I'm amused by the odd fantasy sequences. Somebody just handed Nyland a pina colada in the middle of a code.

Weirdest show on American TV for years.
That was one of the best episodes.

Also, I haven't seen the show in years, but I still remember that time Mandy Patinkin and Ron Silver went nose to nose in a shouting contest. Massive ego vs. massive ego. Fun stuff!
Gah. You nearly gave me a heart attack!

I LOVED Chicago Hope! It was just so outrageous! *g* I still have all my favourite eps safely stored on one of my external harddrives! (One of my personal favourites: "Quarantine". Just brilliant! (..."Pig" ..."Busy Pig!"...) LOL
(Actually, it was what first got me into CM - Mandy and Thomas, in a show together again! ;) )

And I love *Life*! (And I'd so love to see Hotch run into Crews on some case...complete trainwreck!! *g*)
"Quarantine" is total evil fun.

I think Hotch would deal with Crews just fine, except for the part where Crews things rules are for other people.... and, you know, Crews' occasionally questionable ethical choices.

I think Reid would adore Charlie, Morgan would hate him with a holy passion, Emily and JJ would take Dani out drinking and close out the town, and Garcia, Rossi, and Tidwell would hit it off like gangbusters. I also want to see Rossi going after Ted like a pitbull, and Ted shrugging and going back to his crossword. *g*

*g* If only Life wasn't maybe going away, and Criminal Minds weren't on Another Network. Because that would be a crossover worth having. (Nevermind CM/CSI. Let's send the team to California. Well, fictional California, not the fictional-everyplace-else that looks like Real California.)

Seriously, it's only the second show to actually hold my interest past about five episodes since Farscape. (The first is Criminal Minds. The one before Farscape was Buffy. I am such a picky consumer.)
Seriously, it's only the second show to actually hold my interest past about five episodes since Farscape. (The first is Criminal Minds. The one before Farscape was Buffy. I am such a picky consumer.)

...may I recommend Being Human? (I don't remember if I tried to *recruit* you before, but seriously, this is an amazing show! And there only are 6 eps so far...*g*)

Let me know if you're interested and I'll pm you the dl links! *g*
Hmm. I'd heard of it, but it didn't sound like the sort of thing I'd love. I might give it a shot, though.

(I actually have lj pm disabled. *g* The interface drives me bonkers.)
I know, the show premise sounds like the intro to a bad joke, but believe me, it is really, really good. ;) IMHO, of course *g* where do I send the links?
Oh, I don't need links, thank you. I try to limit my media theft, since people buying my stuff is how I make my living. *g*
I can't quite tell from the site Being Human in the same vein (same kind of humor, mostly) as No Heroics?
Sorry, I've never heard of "No Heroics" so I have no idea..."Being Human" does have brilliant humor, but it's not comedy - it's quite dark, actually. Does that help? If you want to get to know it better you can find most of the BBC specials about the show here on the official BBC 3 *Being Human* page on youtube ;)
What, nooo - oh, wait, wrong show! ;)