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eleanor trembles. eleanor moans.

Beautiful sunrise this morning--dark salmon fading into rose, peach, and finally gold, ringing the whole of the sky, shining behind the magnolia tree I can see out my bedroom window.

Alas, it's over already, and I'm trying to get up the energy to shower, dress, and take the dog out. Also trying to decide if I am going to make it to t'ai chi today, and climbing outside, which was the plan. (Actually, it was the plan for Friday, and then Saturday, and now today, and it seems like more and more people keep accreting to the party, which makes me feel less like going. Because I'm self-conscious about sucking in front of even more people, yeah, and also because I'm an introvert and large groups are tiring and I am seriously overpeopled these days.

I should go, to both. I need the exercise and it's good for me.)

There's a great post on Making Light today relating Britain's Got Talent to slushpile reading. If you're one of the would-be writers around, I suggest it might make good reading: it reveals something about the editorial process that Algis Budrys (accidentally) taught me when I was a baby writer. It was an epiphany to learn that the editor was really, despite appearances, on my side.

Still no writing brain available, but that's mostly okay, as any deadlines are also far in the future. Finished the Greg Bear books last night; should probably try to finish the Pterry sometime soon. Reading fiction is pretty much work, these days, but at least it's mostly pleasant work.

This is more or less recharge time, and I need recharge time. I'm forgiven: I just need to convince the guilt monkey that I'm forgiven, and that normal people aren't really expected to operate at 150% 24/7/52. Tomorrow, I should get some admin stuff done, like sending in my passport to be renewed, since I got the photos done, and signing some signature sheets I really need to sign.

For those of you following Shadow Unit on your mobile electronic reading devices, the mighty Arachne Jericho has updated her fan-produced e-reader bootleg. And, of course, there will be a new episode on May 3, Emma Bull's "The Sin Eater." And, of course, rolling content until then, including another vignette in the "Tales of the Monster Zoo" series sometime today or tonight.

Blah blah blah donation-supported internet content licensed by creative commons, blah blah blah. Also, a seriously cool fan community, involving an awful lot of talk about food.
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