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Criminal Minds 04x21

Due to time constraints and other things, no long writeup this week--but a couple of comments. (Besides, you guys now say all the things that I would.)

I liked the character work in this episode a ton. Prentiss, in particular, the perfect interrogator. Morgan, very subdued, locked down and quiet, calling Garcia "Garcia" without any banter or joy. (I wish they had done as good a job of handling Reid's trigger issues last ep as they did with Morgan's, this time.) JJ talking to the mother (I am loving the way her hair is growing out /shallow) and Reid recognizing the signs of a scared seven year old (Reid, when was the last time you washed your hair?). Also, Garcia is wonderful as always.

I also liked the triple-blind red herring, and the way the show trusts you to build your own additional red herrings from the clues--the bedwetting, the over-involved uncle figure--because they know they have us trained.

Also fond of Rossi using his powers for good, and the parallel between Hotch and the cop who has lost his family--and now his career. Yeah, very nice and underplayed.

I could have done without the sound editor hammering me with Dramatic Music. We get it. Really. We do. Subtlety! Honest! It's okay!

It's the last third of the season, and we have another big lose. Yeah, it's a crappy job, and nobody wins.

But the part I liked best is that they trotted out that 99% statistic they trot out every year for the child abduction episode, and I rolled my eyes, because I knew there was going to be a last-minute rescue.

Hmm. Not so much, this time. That's why it's still my show: that right there.

Very nice.

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