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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds hotch and prentiss tennys

Criminal Minds 04x21

Due to time constraints and other things, no long writeup this week--but a couple of comments. (Besides, you guys now say all the things that I would.)

I liked the character work in this episode a ton. Prentiss, in particular, the perfect interrogator. Morgan, very subdued, locked down and quiet, calling Garcia "Garcia" without any banter or joy. (I wish they had done as good a job of handling Reid's trigger issues last ep as they did with Morgan's, this time.) JJ talking to the mother (I am loving the way her hair is growing out /shallow) and Reid recognizing the signs of a scared seven year old (Reid, when was the last time you washed your hair?). Also, Garcia is wonderful as always.

I also liked the triple-blind red herring, and the way the show trusts you to build your own additional red herrings from the clues--the bedwetting, the over-involved uncle figure--because they know they have us trained.

Also fond of Rossi using his powers for good, and the parallel between Hotch and the cop who has lost his family--and now his career. Yeah, very nice and underplayed.

I could have done without the sound editor hammering me with Dramatic Music. We get it. Really. We do. Subtlety! Honest! It's okay!

It's the last third of the season, and we have another big lose. Yeah, it's a crappy job, and nobody wins.

But the part I liked best is that they trotted out that 99% statistic they trot out every year for the child abduction episode, and I rolled my eyes, because I knew there was going to be a last-minute rescue.

Hmm. Not so much, this time. That's why it's still my show: that right there.

Very nice.


But the part I liked best is that they trotted out that 99% statistic they trot out every year for the child abduction episode, and I rolled my eyes, because I knew there was going to be a last-minute rescue.

Me too. Alas.

I thought Emily was fantastic here and Rossi was also pleasing.
I want to know what possessed Garcia to do that to her HAIR.
Yeeeees. And flat. Not the best thing for her.
You were right about episode 6 in Season 1...

I've still got quite a few eps to go in the first season, but I think I'm going to run out and buy Season 2 this weekend (though knowing what's coming...I'm going to probably choke when I have to watch the two torture eps).

"You kick like a nine-year-old girl."

Amazing, isn't it? They spend five episodes carefully building these somewhat stereotypical characters, and then yank the hood off your head and say "Oh, no, Darlin'. You don't know what's going here at all."
My big problem with this episode is that I knew the brother had either done it or knew who had done it the first time we saw him, and by the time they got around to "Rollins isn't the killer," I knew it was him. I was even pretty sure by that point that it wasn't an accident.

On the other hand, all of the characters were excellent. So I don't know what to do with this one.

(It might be one of those that I like better on rewatch; that often happens to me with CM episodes where the suspense/mystery doesn't work for me.)
The suspense didn't work for me, but I really enjoyed watching them build their narrative structure. *g*
Apparently my partner and I are the only ones who didn't like this episode. I have to admit, I don't get the love. It started with Prentiss being completely oblivious to the kid's behavior while interviewing the parents. The wife takes a pill and wanders off, with no comment. The COTW was a walking (and talking) cliche. Half the BAU team might not as well have been there at all, and when they did appear, it was mostly to do something that anyone could have done.

And, wow, the music was ridiculous. Had I not checked after the episode was over and seen that it had been written by two of the main writers, I would have thought it was a throwaway episode given to some new writers.
You're not the only one. There were notes of 7 seconds, and The Boogeyman, and Sex, Birth, Death...::sigh::

There was no suspense at all for me.I liked that there was no win, other than getting two serial killers for the price of one (ok, fine, one's serial killer jr.), but I knew when I saw the press conference that the big brother had done it, and the COTW and the parents were trying to protect him. I was suspicious of the team's lack of suspicion given what they'd seen of Danny. Serial Killer, Sr.'s attempt to cash in on it was entirely expected, too. The only surprise for me was the plane-parts-down-the-throat bit. Heck, last week's episode was better in terms of my reaction to it.

I thought this could have been written a lot better, but then, Criminal Minds has this really really bad [good!] habit of making its fans set the bar for a good episode so ungodly high.
I thought the brother was creepier than the kid in "Boogeyman" and I loved Prentiss' reactions to his rage. She definitely isn't the ice queen anymore, but her reactions were subtle and normal and I loved her for it. And I liked Rossi and Reid together; for a minute I was afraid Hotch wouldn't let Reid out of the cop shop this week.

I liked the episode, but my first thought as I watched the ending was how we would all comment here about the heavy-handed music. That didn't ruin the ep for me, but I could have done without it. Hopefully some of the "powers that be" will read this and dummy up??? (well, you never know)
It wasn't Reid's turn in the barrel. *g*
Heh. I must be slipping, for I completely missed the Hotch/Det. Bill paralell. And I'm usually so on the ball for Hotchness.

There were various plot holes that only became visible for me on reflection. In particular, involving Mr. Rollins The Pedophile, who broke way too easily, even under the Hotch Glare. If he was so intent on avoiding the fate of Child Rapists in prison, and he obviously was- why would confessing to one more for a Club Fed deal be so hard to do? Especially since there's no death penalty in NJ any more.

However, it hit all my relevant buttons, along with the surfeit of character stuff. So I am apparently very easy when it comes to this show.
We do only have 41 minutes. *g* I cut a certain amount of slack for that.
Apart from the music, that wasn't a bad ep, at all.

(I will forgive a lot to watch both Hotch and Prentiss being amazing in interrogation.)
*Froths at mouth!*

This was not what they gave me last Wednesday, dammit! Nor the week before -- both of those were re-runs out here! I haven't seen this, and I am now officially vexed!

*Ceases and desists with extraneous exclamation point usage.*
They aired it at 10 Pm. SNEAKS!
Well, I knew the kid knew something but it took me quite a while to twig he was the killer. We kept thinking it was Uncle Bill or Dad. I did catch it before the reveal but not much. Loved Prentiss, but WTF has Garcia done to her hair?