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i think she was a middle-distance runner. the translation wasn't clear.

I'm making oatmeal and trying to get up the energy to go to t'ai chi, since I didn't go last week (climbing) and I won't be going next week (Penguicon). I'm not entirely certain I'm going to make it this week, either, as I am still waiting for my oatmeal to cook and I seem to be pretty slow-moving today.

Also, it's kind of a beautiful morning, and I am having a big urge to curl up with a book and be unscheduled for a change.

Yesterday we went climbing up at Wolf Rock, which is kind of a climber's bunny slope, and therefore just right for me. We rigged two pitches with a variety of routes ranging up to 5.6, and I managed all five of them without too much trouble. Huzzah! Nobody died. And thus we proved again that I'm pretty good at slab climbing. The second one was all edging, and man, it killed my arches. More foot strength needed, but itsn't that always true?

Still no sign of any urge to write anything. Maybe I'll be lucky, and Anne-my-editor will come back with notes on Chill, thereby freeing me from any decision-making on what to work on. Otherwise, I suspect I will have to start nagging my poor beset cowriters about some of these lingering projects....

Maybe I'll sit around and read a book and do my slush today, before reporting for dinner at my Mom's place. That actually sounds like it might be a pretty smart idea, given how much I've got planned for the next week.

Also, goodbye, Bea Arthur. You'll be missed. 
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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