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December 2021



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Shadow Unit 2x03, "The Sin Eater," by Emma Bull, is alive!

(Don't forget to check for concealed goodies....)


Yeah. That. Dammit, I meant to be in bed an hour ago. :-)

All I have to say to that episode is "OOF".
Thank you.
Um...just how does one check for concealed goodies? *sheepish*
Thank you very much!

Emma did a bangup job. Now we just have to keep the crowd from mailing bombs to any of the characters....
"Bangup job", exactly. I think the bruises are starting to show now. :)
Thank you.
I use the show links tool in my Opera toolbar.

As for the epidsode- gah. argh. flail. Coherent comment will have to wait until I've slept- which could be a bit tricky with all the ECR and flail I have going.
I have been bouncing in my chair for a week, dying to know what folks were going to think of this one.

Also, OMG Omar!Fuller! I am so glad he lived. Eeeeeeeee.
Well DUH. He's obviously being played by a young Adrian Lester with an American accent. I'll be over here.
I loved how Chaz was totally Worth when they responded to that scene and how much the team seems to have learned from their resident EMT. Not that they wouldn't have had basic emergency training anyway, but....
He's got the ABC thing down, anyway. *g* All that practicing works out. *g*
Almost irrelevant: I was struck by how much the campus resembled Grinnell, which I attended, down to the city street cutting across the campus, but then I thought "Just how many small liberal-arts colleges, built in red brick and started by earnest relocated New Englanders are there in the middle western US?" and decided the resemblance was a fluke.