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bear by san

March 2017



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I'm childishly excited:

20090406 030

First spring greens from the garden.

That's violets, dandelion greens, red oak lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, arugula, radish sprouts, and baby collard greens.

We eat what we thin.

*geeks* (OMG, the arugula is nomnomnomable.) Maybe I will try to get the tomatoes in the their hangy pots today.

And now, breakfast. And tea.

Maybe tomorrow I will have the energy to take this poor bored dogge for a run. Today, not so much.


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Mmmmm. Looks yummy. Congrats!
That photo belongs on food_porn ;D Yum!

(At first I thought 'we eat what we thin' must be a typo but then the light dawned!)
Those look lovely. Our veg is nothing like that advanced as yet (possibly because Ish cat will keep sitting on the shoots... and on the nets over the shots).
That. Is a thing of beauty.
Ooooo, _pretty_. Love the inclusion of the violets; keep forgetting that they're edible. *tries to imagine what violets would taste like...*

Like sweet perfumy lettuce. *g*
Omnomnom! Makes me wish I didn't have the Anti-green thumb. I can kill plants you're not supposed to be able to kill with anything less than a nuclear blast >_<

How do you keep the dandelions from going berserk?

(I'm actually thinking of Stephen King's adverb advice, not real gardening.)

I saw a huge, leafy dandelion somewhere in my travels last weekend and I wondered how hard it would be to control the cultivation to the point it would provide edibles.
Eating them IS the control device. *g* Nom nom nom.

The trick is to get them before they blossom--then they're tender and only pleasantly bitter.


Oh, I'm so jealous. Our grass isn't even green yet and you've got salad!! That's ... wow.
The nasturtiums just went in. I have been known to snack on the flowers while working in the garden. Ahem. Nomnomnom.

The arugula makes it inside because it's pretty sandy otherwise. Alas, I think this is the last day the radish sprouts will be edible: they are getting furry.

This morning, the corn, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, dill, cucumbers, nasturtiums, cosmos (strictly decorative), and sunflowers went in. The peas are up, and the morning glories are also starting to poke out their noses. Finally.

Oh, and the musk melons went in. Pleasepleaspleas grow well, little muskmelons. For momma. Because she loves you best.

I want to find a nice heirloom tomato seedling or two and containerize them--I have paste and grape tomatoes growing in upside-down buckets. But I don't have a good sammich/salsa/eat out of hand like an apple tomato. *g*

If it turns out the pear tree in the yard is a fruiting pear, there will also be pear butter.


I *had* a garden, before the raspberries took it over. *sighs*
'Tis a bitter salad you eat, ma'am!
And yet delicious!
Is that the whole violet plant you have in the picture, root and all?
It's a whole baby radish plant. They're entirely edible as greens until they get too furry. Which these ones are just about to. *g*
Also, eat the violet leaves. Tasty and vaguely spicy little things. Oh, and when all that mustardy/radishy/arugulated stuff goes to seed, saute the seedpods while they're still green and tender. OMG good.
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