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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

In about five years

The fantasy and science fiction field is going to be hit by a mountainous wall of really kickass writers all of whom are named Sarah or Sara.

And I know them all.

That's kind of cool.



Okay, yeah, I know a couple of them too :o)
I'm sure there's a K wave as well.

I know a few of them
Kat's actually just unique and special. Unlike the sheep.

Or the children of Stevie Nicks fans. *g*


I just read four kickass bits of prose in the last week by people named "Sara(h)". Different people.

Of course, it's my own given first name as well, so I tend to be hypersensitive to it.

But "Sarah Bear" sounds stupid as a byline. *g*

Re: *g*

I wondered if you'd noticed that you were a Sarah ::grin::

I had noticed that about the Sarah's myself, but I try not to think too much about how my silly name and writing style doomed me to Category 1 on your list. I mean, really. Rhonda - only the ultimate airhead name? What was my mother thinking? And to make it worse, I have big boobs.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I'm back ::grin::

Re: *g*

Yay back!

Re: *g*

You haven't read any of my stuff lately, but can I jump on the Sarah train anyway? I'm shameless that way. ;)

Oh, and as a note, while I think the fact that your name is actually Sarah Bear, I have to agree with the odd choice for a byline. Of course, this may be compounded by the fact that one of my mother's nicknames for me was Sarah Bear, so.

who will likely be Sarah Dennis or Sarah Charles, depending on genre. Not that you asked.

Re: *g*

Hah! You're alive out there!

No, I haven't read you recently, but you're on my Sarah Takeover Radar.*g*

Re: *g*

Woohoo! I'm on the radar! Yay! :)

(You know, I meant to say that I thought that it was *awesome* that your name is actually Sarah Bear. Yet another instance of the writer seeing words she didn't actually type. Nf.)

Re: *g*

My married name is Kindred, which is even worse in terms of fandom context. *g*.

Broad *g*

Whatever's wrong with Kindred?

I admit it--I own the DVD. Although mostly for the pwetty music, pwetty lead vamp (::Ahem::), random exceedingly Lexei moment and inspiration.

I still need to actually write that x-over

Re: Broad *g*

Nobody believes it's a real name, for one thing....

Re: Broad *g*


If Turtle is a real name and Mew--which they are--then Kindred can be too ;)
When the time comes, be sure to mention full names. I love discovering new writers to enjoy.
Well, professionally or semiprofessionally published so far, there's Sarah Prineas and Sarah Monette and Sarah Palmero.
Thank you--noting these names down.