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bear by san

March 2017



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writing genocide

sleep. that's where i'm a viking.

Seriously, that con kicked my ass. I'm still exhausted.

Maybe I'm fighting off the swine flu. *g*

In any case, I guess I can have another day off from working out, especially if I spend it on the couch actually working. I remember working. I used to do it ia lot.

(Seriously: this is another reason I need to cut down seriously on cons. Because cons are work, these days, and I am useless for anything else for at least a week afterwards.)

In other news, no news on the Moby Smurfberry yet. I called my mechanic this morning to bug him a little. Maybe there will be news this afternoon.

Aieeeee! Probably just as well I didn't go climbing last night.


We are having a 24-36 hour crud here, not flu, but not much fun either. Carry on.
Clutter on the way. It is a nice piece of worthless wood.
I'll send a few more cutoff for steve to make toys with.
You can cut down on cons, you just have to come out and visit us anyway. :)
I'm glad it's not just me. I worked a three-day event this past weekend as Guest Author and I still have no energy.
Even aside from the usual draining nature of cons (I'm still recovering from Penguicon, and I only attended), I'm almost certain that six hours straight of panels is cruel and unusual punishment for a panelist.
I was similarly exhausted. I wonder if there's a weird virus.
Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm wrestling a con crud, which is why I'm trying to be easy on myself.
You rest.

Me? *I've* got to spend every waking moment of the next year to find a mashup as cool as "Ghost that Feeds" to pay you back . . .