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bear by san

March 2017



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froud tapestry

if you don't like my peaches, baby, why you wanna shake my tree?

Well, 708 words on A Reckoning of Men, which feels like real progress. Back in the saddle again!

I also went climbing tonight, and had a qualified good night. Started off with a 5.7 to warm up, then tried a crimpy, seriously overhung 5.8 I got two thirds of on Friday, but my hands were not strong--all that paddling yesterday left a mark--and I only got a third of it, though I thrashed on the last move a bunch. However, then I did a 5.7 I've done a bunch of times and just nailed it, swarmed right up, and came back with another overhung 5.8 (a sharper, shorter overhang) that involved some really fun maneuvering around corners and a bit of a chimney climb. Also, the end was all big power moves, but the holds were buckety, so it was okay. It's also the first route I've ever sent on that particular wall, though not the first I've tried. I kind of feel pretty good about all this, as I have more or less graduated from the bunny walls now (finally). *g* After that, my arms were shot, and I tried a 5.9 that's all balance and didn't even have the strength to pull myself up on the arete, though I tried a bunch. After that, I went and did some drill--feet only on the slab wall, and then climbing and downclimbing on the bunny wall.

My virtue is intact. My hands, however, feel like they've been sandpapered, and my feet and calves are pleasamtly achy.


There's a part of walls that's called arete?

This student of Aristotle is amused.
Do you experience eudaimonia at the end?

An arete is a vertical corner sharp enough to use as a hold.
I find that funnier than I probably should.
I am more excited about "A Reckoning of Men" I assume that's the next Companion to Wolves book?
No guarantee we get to keep the title. But yes. *g*
Yay! more eBear and sarah. when you gonna do a western? (joke)
"Back in the saddle again! "


only, does that mean it's too late to ask questions? because i finally thought of one. :)
Dude, ask away. Sarah's killing me. *g*
Everytime you post with that icon, I keep thinking you're Sarah Monette, because the guy in the icon looks exactly how I imagine Felix from Doctrine of Labyrinths.

May I ask who that -actually- is?
It's actually a woman--a faerie woman. The icon is detail from my favorite Brian Froud piece, which is, IIRC, called "The Unicorn."

"The tapestry," dammit. The unicorn in question is ON the tapestry.

Edited at 2009-05-12 05:47 pm (UTC)
Rollin' and Tumblin', or Sittin' On Top of The World?