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the crowd will only like me if they're really fucking drunk.

1808 words on A Reckoning of Men today, most of it worldbuilding and introducing (or re-introducing) characters. However, this brings us to 6888 words total, plus whatever truepenny has written on her chunk, which is a pretty cheerful thing. Soon we will have the mystical Tenth Of A Book, if we do not already, and it will seem very much like it's actually a work in progress rather than something we're just diddling around on. (Because of the vagaries of manuscript word count as opposed to work processor count, 85,000 word-processor words in manuscript format comes to 400 pages, which is the contracted length of the book, give or take.)

And now, I am done with work for the day, and get to think about dinner. Which I think will be whole-wheat spaghetti with walnut pesto. And a Bass Ale.

The dogge is chewing his bone very loudly. I suspect this indicates contentment.

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