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December 2021



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i probably oughta quit my drinking but i don't believe i will

Yeah, so, I'm back on the novel_in_90 bandwagon for the duration. Let's see if I can average that three pages a day. Of course, this will be challenging, as there will be houseguests for 9 days of this month, and fairly extensive travel for four of those days. Also my Mom's birthday and two dog shows.


Professional writer on closed course. Do not attempt at home. At least I know what the next scene is, and the one after that.


I can't quite tell from the community info (though I can make an educated guess) whether this is a sort of rolling start point where people begin when they feel like it, or something people are supposed to start together at a given point. Rolling, such that one can jump in at a random date to start cranking out the wordcount?
...and I see this is immediately answered in the FAQ, which is not in the user info, but linked from it.

Insufficient research cat is full of shame.

I need stuff like this. I had to set myself a goal and ask friends to bug me like this to get my last book done so this will be so awesome if I can play too. (my friends were too nice to me) I hope they let little nobodies like me join.
I wanna be somebody of course, just haven't published yet, y'know. :D
Since I'm the community moderator, I can be pretty sure they will let you in. *g*
Thank you! (runs off to post there)
I find this so much less scary than NaNoWriMo, probably 'cause I've done 750 words for more than just a day or two. Whereas 1800 words is a cause for great celebration and most days leaves me pretty hung over intellectually.

It is a tiny little seed of the discipline required to write professionally.

Also, the FAQ sounds exactly like a friend of mine who'd probably be ectatic if I took up the challenge. Unfortunately, I don't have plot and need to finish a whole bunch of academic papers first. So I'll stick to short stuff.
Welcome back!
I will probably be back in novel_in_90 over the summer. At the moment I'm working on the short stories and poetry that are required for the creative writing course I'm taking, but from June onwards, I hope to get one or other of the novels moving again.