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December 2021



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if anyone can claim they're all right, so can i.

Here, go read this warren_ellis post.

The shuttle appears to be in good overall shape, but the survey did uncover a 53cm (21in) line of chips on the vehicle’s right side. The line of chips uncovered by the inspection are in thick tiles that make up the protective heat shield on Atlantis’ starboard side. The damage is located where the right wing joins the shuttle’s fuselage. Nasa said the chips could be related to a debris event detected by the wing’s leading edge sensors 104-106 seconds into the lift-off.

The stuff he talks about at the end of the post is one of the things I willfully chose to ignore when I was writing Worldwired. The science in science fiction is mostly much more useful than this real-world science of ours. Like, for example, you can do stuff quickly with it.

Come home safe, guys.


Yikes, that does not make me happy. I've watched one shuttle disintegrate in realtime. That was enough to last me a lifetime.
Exactly. One of the worst things i've seen on TV.
(I wrecked the El Camino)
Not something I want to think about too closely.
Oh, please let them be safe. I remember Challenger too well (and still pray when I watch launches, even now; when CNN aired this launch only up to SRB sep, I remarked "But many things could still go wrong!"), and after seeing Columbia become a shooting star, I'm not too fond of the term "debris event," arrggh.
I think it is pretty messed up that I am so out of the loop on these things I didn't know we were sending shuttles up in the last few years and a few years to come. *Head desk* I was in grade school when the Challenger exploded...