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who needs love when there's southern comfort?

Project: A Reckoning of Men
New words: 1672. Got to the smut. (It's on page 37 of the manuscript. After the butchery.)
Total Words: 8,560
Deadline: Next June, I think, but will you catch me checking the contract?
Reason for stopping: End of chapter 2. Off it goes to truepenny!.

44 / 400

Tenth of a book! Tenth of a book! Tenth of a book!

I'm very, very happy. There was flow in that. It felt like old days. Can it possibly be that after two... four... whatever years of thrashing, I've gotten my groove back? Please, mother. I'll be good.

Stimulants:  coffee, whole wheat pasta with pesto. (Home made pesto is not like the other kind, You can taste all the individual things in it, like the basil and the walnuts and the garlic and the parmesan and the oil. Nom.)
Exercise: Threw the ball for the dog a bunch. About to go out to Pinnacle and climb some stuff in an hour or so.
Mammalian assistance: Dog in lap. Also, dog making his anteater fart.

A royalty check from Hammered. Thank you! (Now I just have to get some of these other books to sell through...)
Today's words Word don't know: woad
Words I'm surprised Word do know: --

Tyop du jour: --
Darling du jour: --
Mean Things: Angst. Winter. Sex. Bear grease. Quasistarvation. The usual.
Jury-rigging: Transitions. Hate 'em, Jake.

There's always one more quirk in the character:
Vethulf has post-battle ennui. Who knew?
Other writing-related work: --
The Internets provide:
Look! Shadow Unit fan art. Funny SU fan art, at that.

Books in progress: Kari Sperring, Living With Ghosts
The glamour!: Fairly glamour-free day, thank god.
Tags: fuzzy companion animal fantasy, progress notes, replete with degrading sex (tm), shadow unit, wtf

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