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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid bitchy

Alas, death of Reid's black shirt.

I liked that one.

CM 04x24, "Amplification," written by Oahn Ly, directed by John E. Gallagher. The obligatory Locked in With a Deadly Virus episode, complete with Bogus Hollywood Cure.

And yet actually, I liked it.

Dude, we like won and stuff.

I'm fascinated by the contrast between the trailer, and the way CBS via careful editing presents Reid as helpless and pathetic and in need of rescue, and the real deal--his instant, ruthless action to protect Morgan, the way he latches onto the problem at hand and goes after it like a bull terrier, his competence and stubborn and determination to control his own destiny.

First of all, however, I want to talk about Penelope Garcia and that babydoll dress. Schwing. OMG. I need to make wallpaper.

I love the entire team in this episode. All of them tempted to step over the line, and none of them quite doing it.

Oh, Mom. Your sense of ethics is a thing of beauty. And my heart was breaking for JJ throughout. Eeee.

But she called Reid "Spence." (drink) Reid triggery (I AM comfortable. And I don't want narcotics.) (drink.) Death of a well-beloved article of clothing! (drink.) Emily hates lying. (Drink!) Daddy and mommy issues (drink! drink!) Continuity porn! (Drink!) Veiled drug reference! (Drink!) Hotch is oh so very Hotch. (Drink!)

Morgan needed to punch something. I think that was the only one they missed.

Reid, totally not reconciled with his dad, and good for him. I support his lack of reconciliation with his dad. "I'm proud to be your son."

Mostly, I just want to quote dialogue at you.
"Don't you "emily" me." Prentiss pwning Rossi was love. Actually, Rossi in general was love. I like it when he's bitchy at people I don't like.
"I'm about to get naked. So they can scrub me down. So if you really want to see that...."
"Is there any more jello?" (Junkfood! Drink!)

If you recognized the epidemiologist, she's Tamlyn Tomita, who also appeared in a made-for-TV-movie entitled "Pandemic." And yes, that was Officer George Frankly of Mathnet and Square One running the bioweapons research facility.



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Oh, yeah--Indiana Jones reference at the end there. DRINK!

Re: P.S.

Plus, JJ's comment-question to Garcia: "If there's something you can do to protect your family..."

Which is a rephrasing of what she said to her in "Lucky": "You do what you have to do to protect your family."

refrain. drink.

And *everybody lying except JJ*

That was just boss. nice reversal of expectations.
Oh, and. The whole Reid subplot was essentially taking Reid's tendency to forget he has a real, physical body and putting it on a conscious level. He knows his body's there, but he's going to actively work to ignore it, now, because it's not doing him any good.
Yes. Stupid body. The bit with the rosebush was awesome.

I am going to reveal my Heinlein-fan roots by saying that Reid reminded me of... oh fuck. Brain fart. The short story where the guy barricades himself in the nuclear control room and rigs a dead-man switch so the people attempting the coup can't make it happen? Missing man formation, lead-lined coffin? THAT one. (ETA: The Long Watch. That one.)

My comment about the dress was "Don't trip on your skirt, Penelope." Not that I minded it being so short. Just sayin.

I thought it was significant that he refused the narcotics because he was acting like he expected to live through it. YAY.

And those rows of shiny blinky vault doors? I guess in the 21st century they're not sealing things up in wooden crates any more? Because that was the Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse, oh yes it was.

Yay episode. I loved it.

Edited at 2009-05-14 04:01 am (UTC)
Hee. Yeah. "We're a man down." That was a great line. And Hotch and Morgan being team, and Garcia and JJ being sisters*, and--

*you do not ask Garcia for an ethics judgment, woman.

I love my show.

Edited at 2009-05-14 04:16 am (UTC)
And Officer George Frankly was in a weirdly similar role on Dollhouse last week! What's the probability of that?

(I'm sure he could calculate it, if only PBS would release the Square One videos...)
The government needs to pay him more, if he has to moonlight on kids' shows.

just saying.
Tamlyn Tomita was also in a short-lived 1990s show about bio-nasties, "The Burning Zone." I thought she looked familiar.

And she was the first XO of Babylon 5.
I also love how Crazy Genius Scientists fall so hard for a good-cop-bad-cop tailored to their profile. That was great.
Hee. And the way they set that up all episode. If I had not known My Show, I might have wondered.

Also, Morgan being distracted by stuff and losing Reid and king of ambling around and then Sudden! Panic!

we were missing morgan not only not punching someone, but also not tackling them, heh.
And no door-kicking, unless I missed something.
Morgan needed to punch something. I think that was the only one they missed.
I was half-expecting him to tackle the recycled New York City MTA subway train. But at least he got to shove the UNSUB around.

And yay for Officer Frankly!
That NYC subway train is worth a Drink! too, by the way. *g*
I have a question about the medical aspects, if there's anyone who knows, specifically about the Cipro thing...what do you do if you can't take Cipro in a situation like that?

It happens to be a powerful and quite dangerous drug, and many folks (myself included) have severe toxic reactions to that whole family of meds. So it twigged me a bit when I saw them all just chugging down without reservation like it was Tylenol.

Does anyone know what the protocol is in a high-level government employee situation like that if the meds are on your own personal 'do not take' list? And knowing the risks, can you refuse to take them even if you don't know for a fact that you're sensitive/allergic? (Yeah, I know - if we get anthrax dusted, I'm dead meat. But aside from that, I'm curious to know how that plays out.)

Also, I'm a very happy geek over Reid being hosed down. Fanservice FTW, indeed. All that's missing is the slow-mo wet hair shake.

Ahem. 'scuse me. I'll be in my bunk...
Take some other widespectrum anti-biotic that you *CAN* survive?

(I was amused by it, because my alarm chirpped right in the middle of the ep to remind me that I needed to take MY cipro..for an ear infection. :)
If they were really doing fanservice, Morgan would have stayed to watch Reid get nekkid. ;D

I was totally all cringing and hiding when they started talking about morphine and wanting to put Reid on narcotics. You could see him flailing even as he starting to get sick.

I'm so very tempted to write Reid-with-aphasia fic. Because what could be more frustrating to him than not being able to communicate?

Also, Emily was so channeling her rebel past towards the end there.
Depends on the fan, baby.
I just caught up over the past weekend...so now I've got to wait for the Season 4 DVDs to come out.

I thought I was going to have trouble liking Rossi with Gideon's departure, but I find myself really liking him. They are such different people, that it didn't bother me. I love how Gideon was more of the balancer between the team (at least, until he started to come undone), and Rossi is always rocking the boat and keeping the team on their toes.
Yes. They're dichotomous.

I wonder how they worked together, back in the day. *g* I bet Hotch was busy.

Two drama queen bosses! No waiting!
When Hotch told JJ not to call home, he didn't mention the mall-bomb incident. But you could tell he was thinking about it.
Continuity of character! Show, I love you!
I <3 Tamlyn Tomita; I love it when she shows up in something.
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