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Alas, death of Reid's black shirt.

I liked that one.

CM 04x24, "Amplification," written by Oahn Ly, directed by John E. Gallagher. The obligatory Locked in With a Deadly Virus episode, complete with Bogus Hollywood Cure.

And yet actually, I liked it.

Dude, we like won and stuff.

I'm fascinated by the contrast between the trailer, and the way CBS via careful editing presents Reid as helpless and pathetic and in need of rescue, and the real deal--his instant, ruthless action to protect Morgan, the way he latches onto the problem at hand and goes after it like a bull terrier, his competence and stubborn and determination to control his own destiny.

First of all, however, I want to talk about Penelope Garcia and that babydoll dress. Schwing. OMG. I need to make wallpaper.

I love the entire team in this episode. All of them tempted to step over the line, and none of them quite doing it.

Oh, Mom. Your sense of ethics is a thing of beauty. And my heart was breaking for JJ throughout. Eeee.

But she called Reid "Spence." (drink) Reid triggery (I AM comfortable. And I don't want narcotics.) (drink.) Death of a well-beloved article of clothing! (drink.) Emily hates lying. (Drink!) Daddy and mommy issues (drink! drink!) Continuity porn! (Drink!) Veiled drug reference! (Drink!) Hotch is oh so very Hotch. (Drink!)

Morgan needed to punch something. I think that was the only one they missed.

Reid, totally not reconciled with his dad, and good for him. I support his lack of reconciliation with his dad. "I'm proud to be your son."

Mostly, I just want to quote dialogue at you.
"Don't you "emily" me." Prentiss pwning Rossi was love. Actually, Rossi in general was love. I like it when he's bitchy at people I don't like.
"I'm about to get naked. So they can scrub me down. So if you really want to see that...."
"Is there any more jello?" (Junkfood! Drink!)

If you recognized the epidemiologist, she's Tamlyn Tomita, who also appeared in a made-for-TV-movie entitled "Pandemic." And yes, that was Officer George Frankly of Mathnet and Square One running the bioweapons research facility.


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