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every meal a banquet.

So this morning I got up, did push-ups (I'm going to try the hundred push-ups thing, starting officially next week), took the dog for a 1.5 mile run (19:55, yes, I am a slow coach, though it is mostly uphill), and now I am about to go meet ashacat at the gym. I feel like such a jock, Or I would, if I could do more than seven push-ups. La.

I went out climbing at Ragged Mountain yesterday with TBRE and The Jeff and some guys from the gym. Basically, I sucked. We went after work and there's a forty-minute drive and a twenty-minute hike in, so we weren't rigged until six, and it got too dark to climb around eight thirty. Everything rigged was way too hard for me, and I spent most of the night belaying. I am really disappointed to have missed a climbing night. Really, even in despite of not really loving climbing outdoors (though Wolf Rock has proven to me that I do, in fact, kind of enjoy climbing on granite: it's fucking traprock I hate with a fucking passion, and o hai there I live in Connecticut, Land Of Traprock) I'm starting to think it's just not worth it to me to go outside on school nights. Because I wind up feeling like I haven't done a damned thing except sit in dirt and get eaten by bugs for three hours.

Ahem. I guess I'm venting.

However, the company was awesome, and the day was beautiful, so it was a win in other ways, even if I don't feel like I got any exercise. (And I won't get to climb again until next week, because TBRE and The Jeff are in Vermont this weekend for a caving thing, so no chance of Friday or Sunday climbing--unless I steal leahbobet and make her come bouldering on Friday.)

Speaking of which, I may be a little absent for a bit. Page proofs for By the Mountain Bound have landed, and as of 2:00 PM this afternoon, so will leahbobet, who I am picking up at the Hartford Train Station. Plan then is thai food and Evil Sexy Leonard Cohen at the beautiful Palace Theatre in beautiful Waterbury Connecticut. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *faints*

I will have to be restrained from throwing fedoras at the stage. Not that they're reach: we're in the nosebleed seats.

Then Friday is my mom's birthday, which means leahbobet gets to come shopping with us, and then, Saturday, we get to take leahbobet to Manhattan for the first time, which I am really looking forward to.

And then next week stillsostrange and her boy land, and there will be further mandatory fun. (Seriously, if you want a minivacation in Southern New England, this is the time of year to do it--unless you can make it here in October.) *g*

So, um. Be good while I am gone.
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