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and the white girls dancing

Dear Evil Sexy Leonard Cohen:

Sir, when I grow up, I want to be just like you*: the ease, the professionalism, the honestly, the unpretentiousness, the complexity, the graciousness, the joy. Last night, I witnessed an artist totally in command of his material and the tools of his craft. A grandmaster who has surrounded himself with other grandmasters. There was not a musician on that stage who I would not have paid handsomely to see perform on his or her own.

That is all.

Also, three hour and fifteen minute concert, including an intermission. Damn. Here's the NPR writeup of a concert earlier in the tour.

Seriously, my new professional goal is to live so long that the kids of the people who never quite got what I was doing in the first place flock to my work in awe and admiration. Also, when I am 75, I want to rock skipping onstage in a fedora. It's a good reason to live that long.

That was just sublime. And fortunately the drunken obnoxious grabby guys seated next to leahbobet and me left after half a song. 
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