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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology beaker meep meep

he was cut in a hundred places and he was shot in a couple of more

This is totally leahbobet's fault. Like Machine-Gun Kelly, I have no agency: a woman made me go wrong.


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That is so totally awesome. I'm glad you "went wrong" because it's so right to me!
Hah! You beat me to it!
I will be humming this all day.
I want this as a t-shirt. I really do.
I'd buy that. Probably spares, too. =)
This is wonderful in so many ways.
See also [big circle] People I have shot, [little circle inside the big circle] The Sheriff, [little circle outside the big circle] The Deputy
Ha! Excellent! (-:
You know, I don't think I've ever heard the song. But as a Jim, I heartily approve of the diagram :-)
Also "How I Met Your Mother"'s recent graph/chart orgy by Marshall (bar graph of his favorite pies; pie chart of his favorite bars...), with:

[left circle] People who are breaking my heart
[right circle] People who are shaking my confidence daily

which, of course, [overlaps with] Cecelia


WRONG. It overlaps with Cecilia.


Chimeric connection - I only this week found my old Jim Croce tapes and started playing them because I had to stay awake while driving.
Technically, the entire chart is "things you do not do"--they are bad ideas both separately and in combination.

I know, I know, ruin a perfectly good Venn diagram...

You all know about this site, right?

There's a whole book of these -- Venn That Tune, by Andrew Viner. My brother-in-law got it for Christmas. It's pretty funny, although there were some (popular) songs that I wasn't familiar with, and some of the songs covered are ones I'd been happy not thinking of for years....
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