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where did you turn when you turned from me with your arms across your chest?

Things I've read since I checked in last:

#13: Terry Pratchett, Guards, Guards.

The first Pratchett I've read since I burned out on Discworld in college. Clever and well-written, as you would expect of Pterry. But I'm not really in love, because it's not really my sort of thing.

#14: Greg Bear, Quantico.

Very clever, and I liked the female lead a lot, though I kept having issues with the romance plot, and I felt as if the male characters were a bit one-note.

#15: Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels

Yes, I suffer for my art.

#16: Jim C. Hines, The Stepsister Scheme

I really liked this, which surprised me, because light fantasy is usually not my thing--see above, Pratchett. But this is a charming smart little book that handles some hard topics well.

Good job, Jim!

#17: Sharman Apt Russell, Hunger: An Unnatural History

Surprisingly good.

#18: Christopher Wills, Yellow Fever, Black Goddess

Full of nifty horrible details I will be using.

#19: Todd Tucker, The Great Starvation Experiment

Fascinating topic, manipulative treatment. Not bad for all that, anyway, but I would have liked less melodrama.

#20: Neil Gaiman, Odd & the Frost Giants (ARC)

This is awfully cute, and full of all the shiny, shiny detail I expect of Neil's mythological work. I'd buy it for kids I know.

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