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December 2021



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bad girls helen mirren

I cannot believe how cute my new haircut is.

I want to lick me.

Which I guess is good, because considering the amount of garlic I ate tonight, the odds of anyone else getting in licking range are pretty slim.


Isn't that the GRD's job?

I'm certain you could find someone who's nuts about garlic. There's a restaurant in California that utilizes it as the central focus of every meal, even dessert. Sort of like Iron Chef, except for real.
Since I have a Thing (in a positive way) about garlic (chronic infections and instincts regarding them and therefore cravings as a result), I'm sure there are nearer people who also have a Thing about garlic :D
I am interested in your garlic-scented author and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
but, we loves garlic, we does....

As somebody once said at a Filk Convention, when about to raid the hotel kitchen for garlic bread.... "Is there anybody here who thinks there is such a thing as too much garlic? ..... Anyone?..."

I'm trying to imagine too much garlic.

*pause while mental processes whir and clang*

Oh, wait, I have done. Being buried under a ten ton truck load of garlic cloves, that is too much garlic!
Maybe you need to get licked by someone with a cold?

It could be a scientific test of the immune system boosting properties of garlic!

(What are you doing? I'm being licked... FOR SCIENCE!)
Line 'em up! I can lick 30 tigers today!
On the one hand, I love the smell and taste of garlic.

On the other hand, I'm generally pretty good about respecting people's personal space.

So the odds of your being licked are still very slim, but have appreciably gone up.
Ah, if only I could put the coffee back in my nose as some sort of undoing process. Excepting that I expect that would be my undoing.
What, no photo?
Thirded. Let us see your new hairdo.
You people and your photos. *g*

someone for everyone

you know, that's not as impossible as it sounds. my boyfriend eats cloves of raw garlic as a snack before bed. never bothered me one bit, unless he immediately gave me spicy garlic kisses in places that don't like spicy

Re: someone for everyone

You're a wonderful person.

Re: someone for everyone

thank you
We blow through 2 large heads of garlic every week -- for two people. No matter how small the dish, I never use just one clove.

Life is so much more enjoyable when you've trimmed your social circle to those who, like you, consume as much garlic as is humanly possible. It makes people peaceful, generous and forgiving.
Oh, is THAT was does it?

Memo to me: spike drinking water supply with garlic....
We eat so much garlic that it comes out of our ears.


We don't get vampires, which proves my point.

But it does mean that I tend not to notice other indulgers. Although I don't usually do licking.
I've never had a vampire issue either. Win!
Another vote for "garlic entices" . . .
Congrats on the cute new hairdo.
rofl and yay good haircut. :)
I went on a date recently, and we ended up at a hole-in-the-wall Greek place for supper. "Oh," she said to the owner, "could you put extra garlic on that?" "Sure thing," he says, and slaps a hefty two or three tablespoons of real, fresh garlic aioli on her plate. Then he looks at me. "And what about you, young man? Would you like extra garlic too?"

I look at the garlic. I look at her. I look back at the garlic. "Why yes," I say. "I think I would like extra garlic. Thank you!"

Although it ended up not being the most successful date for other reasons, it would have been silly to scuttle the date over a case of garlic breath. "I'll have what she's having." ;-)
Good man. *g*