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"A mother would never give up."

Criminal Minds 4x25 & 4x26, "To Hell... and Back." Respectively written and directed by Chris Mundy and Charles Haid, and Edward Allen Bernero and Edward Allen Bernero.

I'm kind of very happy with this episode, from the setup--it's CM, so the black man cruising the unsavory neighborhoods is a hero, not a killer--to, well, just lots. Garcia, Garcia, Garcia. Reid in the barn, sucking it up--and being the guy who notices the clues at the end. Kelly the kidnap victim, smart as a whip. Morgan the city boy, confronted with swine. Rossi using his powers for good. Hotch drinking alone, in his house that looks like nobody ever goes there except to drop stuff off and crash. Prentiss talking to the working girls--and giving back to Morgan as good as she gets. JJ in her element as facilitator and as gunslinging mom. Hotch without a quote at the end, worrying about his "kids" while his own world is falling apart. Morgan taking on the police detective as a proxy for his own feelings of helplessness and inadequacy. Both CotW and the Family Members Of The Week as well. And the UNSUBs. Reid's offense not just that the dominant UNSUB was a sadist, but that the science was bad.

Did I mention Garcia?

Also, oh, Hotch.

Oh, show. You give me moral complexities where other shows give me packaged answers, and I love you for it.

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