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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid eat

who likes sex only on sundays? you, you, you.

In the bread robot: future whole wheat sourdough beer herb pizzas, courtesy of my doughty (har har har) shoggoth.

We eat good tonight. (I tyoped "we eat god tonight," which is the other kind of shoggoth, I think.)

It's not REALLY drinking before noon if you're just Not Wasting the last two swallows of beer, right?


The traditional Christian god is made with no leavening.

What kind of bread robot do you have? I keep not having time to do it right.
I have a cuisinart. It makes moderately acceptable bread.
Only in Western Christianity. The Eastern Orthodox do have leavened god.
That's the body of god. The blood of god requires fermentation...
Be very interested to know how this turns out. I got another recipe for shoggoth pizza dough from a Facebook friend, and keep meaning to try it. (The whole 24-hour ahead planning thing has proved too much for my infant-addled brain.)
This is a no-plan-ahead version. (The ahead-planning keeps derailing my plans for sourdough pancakes, too.)
Pubs open at 11:00am around here. :D
It's always noon somewhere in the world, which means it's always *after* noon somewhere in the world. Also, if beer is liquid bread, then you're just having the leftover bites of your morning toast.
"we eat god tonight"

Evening Mass still confuses me...
I missed the punctiuation, which led me to see "the the bread robot future", which started me to imaine such declarations as "In the bread robot future, whole wheat sourdough eats you!"

Yes, I was wearing my glasses.
I like the Bread Robot Future!
I, too, missed the punctuation. Hilarity ensued.
It's not REALLY drinking before noon if you're just Not Wasting the last two swallows of beer, right?

Only if you are a parody Julia Child consuming cooking sherry. All else is a path to Hogarthian ruin.

Though I would love to see a cooking show host mention "bread robots." I think my KitchenAid just became the Mixing Robot.
It's practically a moral imperative to *not* waste good beer!
It's not drinking before noon... in a different time zone. :D
After many moons of kneading by hand, I discovered that I could get a much better moisture-to-dough ratio if I just piled it in the ancient cuisinart, which has been my godsend. If only I could find my bread knife (that taupe short-bladed plastic knife that comes with the system). I think I may have accidentally thrown it out in a fit of pique, which is a shame, because the damp spongey bread I was making from neglected, over-alcoholized starter is so much more amenable to handling than this current lot of steel-cut, no-nonsense dough.

I might have to go back to doing it by hand, like some Lakota. Pity Me.
Joni reference FTW.