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Went out. Climbed things all day at Chatfield Hollow--and I actually climbed some things, like a climby thing, though I wish I had taped my )*&^)*&^)*(&^ wrists. Came home. Made green chicken enchiladas and Alton Brown's coconut cake.

The Jeff and Alisa de-skinned and grated TWO ENTIRE COCONUTS.

I'd like to say something about that cake, but I really can't think of anything beyond oh my god it's amazing and I can't believe the frosting came out. The frosting, you see, involves beating a meringue over a double boiler, and I was seriously convinced it was going to completely fail.

But it didn't.

Oh, my god, it was good. Oh, my god, I never want to see another slice of cake. If you think you have eated coconut cake, you have not.

Oh my god.

I die now.
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