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bear by san

March 2017



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writing rengeek magpie mind

The birds in the yard are all chanting in unison.

It's not wrong that this makes me nervous, is it?


Nope, communication often precedes and attack.

When you're hungry you might consider ordering in, you know, just in case. . .
I advise against watching Hitchcock's The Birds if it's running at the moment.

-- Steve'll note that corvid intelligence made the news this morning, and so he's been pondering on the subject a tad.
Depends what they are chanting.
If they're chanting "Bring out Barabbas the Bear," I think you need to upgrade from nervous to red alert.
Only if they're chanting "Gabba gabba HEY."
Could be worse. They could be imitating car alarms.
*wets self laughing*
Maybe they're just practicing for the Synchronized Fireflies?
Depends, is it in Latin or some other dead or otherwise exotic language?
You don't need to panic until a little fat man walks past your window ;)
It is only worrisome if you understand what they are saying.
Depends on whether or not they're chanting "redrum, redrum" ...
If what they're chanting is "One of us! One of us!" then I would say you're quite right to be nervous. And even if it isn't, I doubt whether this bodes well.
Are they chickadees, by any chance?

Ours once so unnerved a squirrel that way, it fell to its death.
Eep. Now that's even more terrifying than attacking birds.
Keep boards by the windows and ready the hammer and nails.

Just in case...
That depends on what they're chanting...
As long as it's not "One of us! One of us!"
they also chrrrp in morse code.

Re: I guess it depends on what kind of birds they are...

dayummmm, even tho I'm late I wanted to be the one to bring up Dunwich.


::perks at the thought something like that might really be going on::

::unperks at the thought of this would actually be kinda bad if it happened in real life::

::decides to threaten any evil beasties w/painful death that will make their heads spin if they come anywhere near the GRD, aka the GAD::

Re: I guess it depends on what kind of birds they are...

HIS war is with the squirrels.

I can't be the only one to say this.

Look for a portly man in the distance. Then panic.