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do I fall through what I might of been?

Well, I think I'm back on vacation, sort of. Which is to say, I'm at that enviable state of writerliness where I'm waiting for somebody else to do something before I can make progress on any of my projects.

Vacation, in this case, is going to consist of doing a lot of reading and research, so it's not really much like a real vacation, but there's nothing I'm supposed to be writing right now. Which is actually pretty good, all things considered, because I need some downtime and it's hard to take it with deadlines breathing down your neck.

Stories, damn them, take time to grow.

So here's what I have to do with the rest of this year:

  • Revise Chill (waiting on editorial input)
  • Write A Reckoning of Men (with truepenny) (in co-author's in basket)
  • Write Grail (have to finish Chill first)
  • Write Smile (working on it in a back-burner sort of way, but since it has no deadline, it's definitely a project for when I find it fun)
  • Sell something. Preferably One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King (waiting on editor)
  • Write untitled Mongolrocco novel proposal (have to sell OEJ first)
  • Write post-singularity satire novel proposal (have to finish Jacob's Ladder contract first)
  • Write "On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera." (Yeah, still only have one sentence)
  • Shadow Unit season 3 (waiting to finish season 2)

Meanwhile, right now, I should really be taking the dog for a run.
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