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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

*stupid grin*

One of my workshopmates, Ruth Nestvold (occasional Asimov's cover girl) just sold a story to Realms of Fantasy. Meaning that--just in my immediate circle of close writerly friends--there've been enough pro short fiction sales and award nominations/wins in the last month or so that I have to sit down and think pretty hard about it keep track: Hannah Bowen to Strange Horizons, Leah Bobet to Arabella Romance, S. Evans to Strange Horizons, Ruth's sale, and (cough) my sale to H.P. Lovecraft's. And I bet I'm forgetting somebody.

Then there's Sarah Monette's Spectrum Award, and Karin Lowachee's Aurora and Campbell noms, and Charlie Finlay's Campbell and Hugo noms. And Jay Lake selling everything, everywhere. Twice.

Not that Jay's really specially 'mine,' per se, the way the rest of these guys are.

But I've gotten attached. Don't tell him my monkey is wearing a Jay Lake lapel pin, or he'll be unbearable. Er. More unbearable.

(Yo, Peter, hurry up and win something, would you, so I can brag on you too? You're brilliant.)

And Charlie probably sold something too, but that's not exciting any more: now we only congratulate him on his major award nominations. *ducks*

There is something very satisfying about this feeling that the hard work is starting to pay off.


Congratulations to everyone!
For me it's a matter of taking very grateful notes and sucking in my gut. If they can do it and all that...