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bear by san

March 2017



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ace the wonder dog

i come and i cradle your face

When I go out to weed the garden, the GRD walks around the edge of the plot, eating the sticky-uppy bits of grass.

Whatever I am doing, he wants to be doing too.

Best dog ever.


If the pack-leader is weeding, it's his job to get in there and help. But mowing the grass, now--that's pretty radical.
Daww! What a sweetie :)

I had a Shih-Tzu years and years ago who would help me weed the yard, and eventually taught himself to dig up dandelions - all by himself! I was floored. He made a huge mess, but by gosh, he only dug up the dandelions. Weirdo dog. :)
He saw what you were doing! It must be important, right?
Ista helps with mowing and gardening, too. When she is on the tether outside she will find grass shoots to chew the tops off.

Fortunately she has not yet gotten the idea that it is OK to dig holes in the garden. (Damn monkeys. Always keeping the best stuff for themselves.)
Clearly, you need to teach the GRD to edit!
How's his limp?
Seems to be responding to aspirin and rest.
Yay: drugs and idleness! Very much my own prescription...
That's so cool! The only time my cats mow the yard is to puke it back up on my carpet. O_o You're so lucky!
Bandit once dug up a daffodil bulb but other than that none of my cats have been interested in gardening. Grazing, yes, but not actually gardening.

Unless you count the deep-seated need to prune the catnip.
No barfing the grass bits back up?
Kay's a grazer, too - no upchucks at all, and she does love her some tender grass tips. The other two dogs, not so much.
hah, that's excellent. :)
We had a puppy that gardened. He and Mom went into the garden each morning at the same time, and he got in her way while she picked tomatoes and weeded.

Then one morning Mom went shopping with Dad instead of out to the garden. They came home to find a row of green tomatoes on the back step, each with tiny teeth marks. Looked toward the garden just in time to see some telltale rustling. Then Prince emerged, tomato in mouth.
That is SUCH a cute story! Two of my parents' dogs will eat tomatoes right off the vine. ;)
Prince was a GSD/Lab mix. He lived to 14 and weighed 76 pounds, and Mom always called him 'my little tomato picker.'
deadly cute.

I used to have an Australian shepherd with a white muzzle who would eat blackberries out of the bramble and come in looking like a slaughter.
Awwwwww GRD rawks!

My Moosedog also loves some "salad" (grazing for grass) but occasionally treats me to vivid green barf in the living room.
I'm glad you found her. *g*
Best dog ever.

Moose puts his nose in the air at you!

Inspecting the moonflower
"Best dog ever."

Since your posts about GRD have made me want a dog for the first time in my life, I will not disagree.