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disreputable and in disrepair

So. Since I realized after walking around New York City with leahbobet two weeks ago that the last time I was shoe shopping other than for hiking boots or running shoes was in 2006 (much to the detriment of my feet), I just threw out just about every pair of shoes I own that are not running shoes, winter boots, hiking boots, or Chucks. This included no less than five (5) dead pairs of ankle boots, the most recent of which were a cheap pleather pair bought in 2005. Yeah well. I hate shopping.

I have purchased a pair of cordovan Mary Janes, a pair of stompy boots (Doc Martens got cheap: my last pair of gothing boots was bought in1993 and I noticed in Austin that they've sort of started to hurt my feet after four hours of dancing), and a pair of rock climbing approach shoes. Closed-toe Tevas, in fact. (My old Tevas went in the trash as well.) The Mary Janes were the most expensive item. Assuming they all fit (and I bought all known brands, so they should), then come fall, I will lay in a new pair of ankle boots, and I will be good to go for another three years. *g*

Give or take a few pairs of running shoes.
Tags: crass materialism, lives of unparalleled glamour, unspeakable horror of the literary life

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