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the wind it blew before but not like this. it was much easier before.

Well, in about an hour, Ace the Wonder Dog and I are off to the dog show in Wrentham, Massachusetts, where we may or may not finish his championship.

Depending on whether or not the big dork is still limping, and how he looks against the competition. (He's not seriously hurt. It looks like he may have overextended himself a little killing his former soccer ball in the back yard, and maybe strained a pectoral muscle slightly. So far, it's responding nicely to RICE and aspirin, though getting him to rest is like getting any athletic 20-year-old guy to stay off an injury for three damn days, can ya?

I swear, he plans these things.

Win or lose, there will likely be photos.

In other news, hey, I still can't find the brown button-down shirt, but my stripy purple and brown one fits! As long as I don't, um, stand up too straight. Yay! Think I'm gonna have another look for the brown one anyway, though.... because I might accidentally stand up straight. You know.

ETA: Hah! Found it! Swear I've looked in that spot seven times already. Phew: thought I was going to have to resort to the blue and silver gauze one, which would mean finding a matching tank top somewhere.

Dressing like a grownup is hard.
Tags: giant ridiculous dog, project: less-of-me

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