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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid runs like a girl

Well, I got my mile time down a minute from December (to 10:57--yes, I'm a slowpoke) and my mile and a half down to to 16:49. Yes. I'm pretty pleased with myself.

35.9 miles to Rauros.


Hey, three cheers for the 10-minute(ish) mile! It's a speed of which I am particularly fond myself.
Well, it's really an 11-ish minute mile, but I'll take it. *g*
Then, while I'm at it: three cheers for rounding down!

The dragon's eating WHAT?

That's actually a fairly decent time. I'd be willing to bet that a fair bit more than half of Americans couldn't beat it. (:

"35.9 miles to Rauros."

At which, the question popped into my mind, "Yes, but how many miles to Ouroboros?" I had to share. (:

Speaking of sharing, I've been sharing your writing with a customer/boss-ish-type-person (I do consulting for software architectures), and now she's hooked and in the process of getting her whole family hooked.

Re: The dragon's eating WHAT?

Yay! *g*

Re: The dragon's eating WHAT?

"I'd be willing to bet that a fair bit more than half of Americans couldn't beat it. (:"

I certainly can't.
35.9 miles to Rauros

Just one more mile to go and I will arrive in Lothlorien. However, I think I'm slipping further and further behind. I'm hoping that if I can get my new kickbike assembled, then I might start to make better progress.
Well, and the elves are hard to leave.

Q: Whassa kickbike?
It's the new, adult, sexed-up version of one of these. :)

I've just bought this. It's green and a bit sparkly in daylight.

It's lighter than a bike, easier to transport to interesting places to ride and should give me a better and more varied workout because, to be honest, the speed I ride a bike and with the efficient gears, I'm probably not really burning many calories.
Colour me envious. I am far slower than that and unlikely to improve. Well done!
My goal is to get under 13:30 for the mile and a half. We'll see, we'll see.