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we used to hate people. now we just make fun of them.

Since I have a bunch of friends and readers who are gluten-intolerant, diabetic, or (like me) avoiding refined carbs, I thought I would share the totally screwed-up but kind of delicious "brownie" recipe I found on the internets. What it makes is actually much more like mocha walnut fudge, not brownies--but it's awfully GOOD mocha walnut fudge.

With no gluten or other grains and no refined sugar. High in protein. Shockingly tasty.

Not exactly perfectly healthy and not vegan--there is some butter in there--but man. Discipline-legal chocolate sweets. Win.

Would you believe they're made with pureed beans? Frijoles negros, in my tummy. No, really. They're good.

(The Discipline is that, essentially, I do not get to eat refined carbs except for after fairly strenuous exercise. I can have all the whole grains, protein, and veggies I want. It has interesting side effects--for example, when I'm eating like this, I notice my PMS all-but-vanishes, my brain chemistry is generally better, and I can smell high-fructose corn across the room.)
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