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even my emotions have an echo in so much space

So my treasured friend, first reader, and long-time pal, writer and fan (and the physical model for Shadow Unit's own Hafidha Gates) cpolk has--through no fault of her own--gotten into a bit of a pickle. Which is to say, her roommate failed to pay his half of the rent in May, and did not tell her, and now she is being evicted.

She has no place to go and no way to move her stuff, and she's got to be out of her apartment by noon tomorrow. She's been on disability for a while now, so her resources are extremely limited.

We've talked her into throwing a virtual rent party, so at least she can afford a storage locker and a bed for the night until she finds a more permanent solution.

Here's one of Chelsea's stories.

Here's another.

Here's her post on her situation.

Please help if you can.

ETA: She's not set up to take paypal credit cards, so cash only please!
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