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December 2021



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200 gallons from l.a.

Dear Internet:

You rock so fucking much today that I'm in tears.

That's all. Thank you. I love the lot of you.

Love, me


did your friend get what she needed? (please say yes)
She's still looking for a place to sleep tomorrow night, but she's getting a LOT of help now.

I didn't want to ask on her LJ, because I'm sure she's got plenty of other things to do!
Help is happening. It is good.
I believe in neotribalism. It works. If you are part of my tribe, I will give you the shirt off of my back. If you are part of my extended tribe, I will give you whatever I have in my wallet right now. If I give you whatever I have in my wallet right now... then someone else will do that, too, and you'll get what you need.

It's just how it works.
Yes. This.
We do what must be done. Thanks for letting us know what needed doing. *g*
Reading backwards, I saw coffeeem's post before I saw yours, but I wanted to let you know I tossed some money in the hat.

We take care of our own around here.

To hear that she's doing better is a great relief. I hope she finds a place to stay soon.

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I love how our virtual tribe comes together in need. It gives me hope.

Neotribalism works!
Glad to hear that things are looking up for her, even though I couldn't add anything myself thanks to Will and Emma I managed to send a bit as well. *feels all warm and fuzzy*

Here's hoping that things keep getting better from here.

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Sometimes, people are astonishing and wonderful and good. Those tears are worth it.
I'm glad to hear things are looking better today! (I've been feeling guilty about not being able to chip in, but there's no way I'm letting paypal near my bank accounts....)
I'm so glad this part at least is sorted out. It is amazingly how quickly $5 here and $10 there and even $1 and so on cn add up when we all put it in the pot together, instead of fretting because we can do s little. Maybe alone I can only do a little; together, we can do a lot. This is why people need communities, both so we can be helped, and so we can know we've helped . The first is good for one's sense of security, the second is good for one's self-respect.